In Greek word means ‘to scatter’. The Diasporic

In eighteenth-century Indian woman, writings were given up because of their patriarchal premises. Indian English woman has made a notable part in Indian literature as well as world literature. Many writers interpreted the psychology of housewives. Especially Manju Kapur has dealt with the agony of a woman in family and endurance of the woman during India’s strife for independence. In the twentieth century, the woman writers accomplished the issues of Indians in the foreign nation and psyche of the woman.
The acclaimed contemporary Indian woman novelists are Shashi Deshpande, Jumpa Lahiri, kamala Markandaya, Nayantara Sahgal, Anita Desai, and Kiran Desai, who have audaciously handled the private life of women. One of the illustrious writers in this period is Manju Kapur. She has disclosure of dominance of man. She changed the archetype of cultural encounters in which social constraints, afflicts, and opportunities are perceived on feministic insight.
Diasporic literature acknowledges the experience of immigrants in an unfamiliar region. It may be voluntary or involuntary migration. The term ‘Diaspora’ means the dispersion of people, language, and culture. It was extracted from the Greek word means ‘to scatter’. The Diasporic element is recognized in the migrated individuals with the sensation of hostility, reminiscence, nostalgic for foods, loss of oneness, and decline of culture and norms of the motherland. Identity crisis emerges in the children of immigrated parents because they neglect to notice their motherland. The most of Indian immigrants is in the U. S followed by Mexico, Russia, and China.
The first Indian migrated writer who wrote experience of immigrant is Dean Mohomed. His work ‘The travel of Dean Mohomed’ is about his came upon in a foreign country. The two foremost moves in Diasporic writing is the temporal move, glancing about the past and looking for the future another move is the spatial move, loss of place, culture and reconstructing it. The diasporic novels of each writer describe the Indian expatriate in a different light i.e. Naipaul expose the Indian immigrants in the West Indies and Britain. Jhumpa Lahiri, Kiran Desai, and Chitra Banerjee describe Indian immigrants in America. Salman Rushdie and other major writers depict the Indians in Britain and other countries of the world whereas Manju Kapur images the Indian immigrant in Canada. she got a standard site in Indian Writing in English.

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