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In the current society,technology is a crucial tool that serves a centric role in influencing theperceptions of people and information gathering. It is evident that the socialmedia and the internet are now commonlyused as a tool of self-expression.

The information reflected in the sites canbe termed to be irrelevant, and theirapplication may be rendered useless. However, it is evident that suchinformation is resourceful and useful and serves a centric role in thedetermination of the tastes and the preferences of the clients on high capacity. Many companies thus use thecookies in conjunction with the big data technologies to help track theactivities of the users to help target the advertisements in a familiarcontext.

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The analysis of the study is basedon the ethics challenge of the violation of information privacy and how toaddress the problem.Summary of the Article            The article developedby the editorial board of the New York Times is a plea, and an expression of concern on the activities and the ventures include in the trackingof the users of websites of Amazon, Facebook, and B. profile. No Breach of Privacy 22. Madam

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