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    In this assignmentwill be evaluating how attachment in early childhood influences the formationof relationships in adolescence and adulthood. Attachment theories have madebig impacted to benefaction to nation in early life experience. Attachmenttheory was developed by British psychologist by John Bowlby. Attachment theorywas development in 1969 by john Bowlby. And also attachment it can divide intotwo main groups, secure and insecure attachment.   (bowlby, a secure base , 2005) When infants areborn, they are attached to their mothers and they can also sense who is theirmother by touching them but when someone else tries to pick them they startcrying because they strangers. When the mother gives birth the child alreadyknows who’s he/her mother are because when they in their mother womb they heartheir mother voice and movies in rhythm mothers and infants have amazing linksof the reaction of the two and a accord dance betweenthe mother and the infant.

Infants cry more of them with the stranger.    (john Bowlb), (1977) Explain that getting attached as an endless bond which a healthy andunhealthy relationship with others in the future. The basic trust in the worldis when a child feels that his/her mother is going to be there for theirchildren. This allows children to feel emotional and secure when they have theirmothers around or caregiver along underlying physiology. And also, the firstrelationship child will have is with their mother the pure love between a mother andchild.

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                                                                                                                                                             (dallair, 2007).  Dallair explained, how infancy has impact ifone of the parents going through divorce or if the parents have unhealthy relationship. For example, the might becomemore aggressive towards he’s friends and people around them.

They can also beantisocial in classroom. This only happens when the child is watching hisparents having argument in front of him. Or if the is child going throughsexual abuse or any type of abusive. Children might have problem expressingtheir feeling at young age because they scared to tell anyone.                                                                                                                        Thompson, 2007) (1999) Summarised the results of decades of research as follow”securely attached children show greater enthusiasm, compliance and positiveeffect.

When the children are, secure attachment to a nurturing adult is easierfor the children to more mature and more independent of that adult and todevelop the good relationship with the others.   When children areinsecure attachment, they will become more sensitive and they will cry a lotmore, they also smile less often at their mothers and they will become moreaggressive towards everyone around them. Children learn the bad habits and goodhabits from their mother and fathers.  (Edwards, 2004) Most children at have short-term attachment specially when they earlychildhood. That’s why parents are very important to stay with their childrenwhen they young because children need parents or caregiver to be there forchildren. Children sometimes when they don’t get attention from their parentsthey attend to behave badly so they get attention they need.

The behaviour andlearning theory (miller, 1950) suggest that attachment is a set of learned behaviours.   (bowlby, 1998), halow Theory he carried an experiment on a wild monkey and did studies onattachment in rhesus during the 1950 and the 1960s. He’s experiment he took thenewborn babies and kept them way from their mother and everyone else they hadno contacts with each other’s. He kept them each different time some for sixmonths, some for nine and some for the first year of their first year. Then hetries to put them together with other monkeys to see the effect their failureto from attachment had on behaviour.

 The results were unexpected theystart clutching their own bodies, the babies monkey were scared of the other monkeys, even though they were babies but they werevery aggressive towards them. The monkey was kept in cages alone, that’s becausethey were alone they were unable to communicate with other monkeys.  This theory show us that it is important to communicateto the infancy because they will interact by the sound, crying cooing,squealing, facial expression, when the children are excited they start moving theirlegs, babies continue to communicate when the adults respond to their efforts.   Attachment in adultsis a lot different than the attachment with infant, infant they get attached totheir parents or a caregiver.  But adultsthey more attached relationship including friendships, emotional affairs, adultromantic relationship.

And also, their behaviour changes growing up they willbecome more aggressive and more immature not all teenagers act that way someadults are mature but it depends on how they been raised.  And it also depends on cultures differentculture has different morals and values adults are very easy to be influenced bytheir friends they might start smoking, if they friends drinking they mightstart drinking. 


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