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“The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” by
William Blake, his beliefs are remarkably straightforward. Throughout his work,
he manifested a spirit of social and cultural change by challenging his own thoughts
and experience with God. In his poem, he is able to alter what is typically
accepted to what is not; evil over good. Blake states that “good is passive
reason; evil is active energy” (Blake). During his lifetime, he was known by
others as a mystic which translates to someone who sought their livelihood with
God. This was not thought highly of during his time, but it did become
important to the future generations. In his poems, he was able to speak about his
thoughts about religion and marriage. Blake was convinced that salvation was
not handed down by a king or a pope. The simplicity of life was not a belief of
his. In his poem, it important to understand his writing against social
institutions such as marriage because he wrote it based on the mental and
emotional state that he was in. He enjoyed twisting social institutions by
using his words in his poetry.  Blake’s
writing is based on his own romantic and revolutionary beliefs. His poetry was
mostly visionary as he was very aware of the state or quality of life.

            In Blake’s poetry, imagination shows
its natural truth of dealing with religion in a sensibly and realistically manner.
He based his own beliefs on practical rather than theoretical considerations.
In other words, he deals with the reality of life and death which hides a state
of wisdom. Blake also believed that religion could cloud the reality of life
and it is truly up to us to find the truth on our own. He had his own insight
of the world, which in the end left little to the imagination. He used the
bible as his own way to critique the authoritarianism of church. Blake used his
own visionary experiences to write in his poem about the rationalism that is
disregarded by most people. Visionary and report of events cannot be mutually
exclusive as they are two different types of events. For an example, visionary of
events is a poet just using their personal insight and describing imagery of
what is seen from their mind. Blake was more of a mystic as he lived through
another world rather than in the one that he was in. He was a wise poet. While
on the other hand, reporter of events is replaying an event from someone else’s
point of view. This is essentially using a sensible and logical definition of
being knowledgeable. 

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