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In its march towards growth,Africa is decelerated by the snags that many states face in finding the importanttools for positive significant and sustainable development. Growth of theAfrican continent must be safe. First, human security is needed, principallytranslated to the capacity to feed and guarantee the health of its ever-growingpopulation. Then economic security is needed to surety industrial andagricultural production and the enlargement of services within a financial andcustoms context that is fair and creates encouragements.

It is followed by truewater and energy security, which is a necessary to foster fair growth between regionsand groups of human beings.Thereis no growth without water but not all water should be devoted to development.It is in these terms that the future of water in Africa, along with other regions,should be understood. Because water, has become a rare resource in many places,Africans can no longer think in the short-term.

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Water resources and itssecurity should be careful over time, besides geographically. Giving back to environmentthe water needed for the wealth of future generations, both in terms of qualityand quantity, is a responsibility, one that corresponds to the communication ofthe right to water and hygiene for each African human. Guarantying admission towater depends on the existence of three corresponding pillars, which form thebasis for urgency to water: finance, governance and knowledge. There is nonational or local water policy without a tough and pure interaction betweenthese three fundamentals. All this must be located within the situation ofdemographic development, urban concentration, civilizing living conditions, fallingpollution and climate evolution. In the face of these significant lasting fears,the issue of financial means interpreted to the dimensions to devote and preserveoperating infrastructure is an essential one (FauchonL.

, 2011). 


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