In Leonard if he has amnesia, however Leonard

In the movies memento Leonard is
searching for the man who   is
responsible for the rape and murder  
of   his wife. The difficult part
of his search is the fact that he suffers from a rare, untreatable form of
memory loss, known as amines. Although he can recall details of life before his accident,
Leonard would not remember what happened three minutes ago, such as where he’s
going, or why and who he met or even spoke to .

(Christopher Nolan, March 16, 2001) The idea of this film came from the
disorder anterograde amnesia; the study of implicit memory is rooted   in the study   of amnesia.

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is a brain injury that causes memory loss. Amnesia occurs because there is
damaged   to   the medial temporal lobe which also effects   the hippocampus and surrounding areas that
is associated with amnesia.  Both
implicit memory and Amnesia are linked together. For implicit memory, there is a test that
requires you to think back to the past, but they reveal the after-effects of a
prior experience.  The   reason the test is given to the patient that
have Amnesia. As I have already 
stated   in  the paragraph I  name 
one  of  the forms of 
amnesia  which  is 
called  anterograde.  There 
are  two  type 
of  memories   that 
are  retrograde  and 
anterograde,  but  they 
are  defined differently  and even  
have  different aspects.

Retrograde amnesia refers  to the loss
of  memory  for 
events  that  occurred prior  to 
brain  damage; memory  for 
the  events  tend 
to recover over  time. (Christopher Nolan, March 16, 2001)

 There are some patients  who 
have  lost  memory for 
events  from  the distant past,  but 
they  often also have  anterograde. Anterograde amnesia is the
inability to form new memory episodic memories. Patients can sometimes tell you
about events from the past however they cannot form new memories.

Some aspects of the movie were
accurate such as when   Leonard    meets somebody;  he 
does  not  remember   
who  they  are  or
the  conversation they  had  
prior to them meeting  three
minutes ago.   Leonard remembers who he
is and who his wife was    and the person
that killed her. One clip in  the movie
showed when he  was  at Natalie’s house,  she 
got  him  upset 
and  he  punched 
her  in  the  
face.  He tried to find a pen so
that he would be able to write down what had happened, but she took all of the
pens from the house because she did not want him to remember what he did.  Leonard kept saying that  he 
has  a  condition, 
and  the  man 
from  the  motel asked Leonard if he has amnesia,
however Leonard said  no  it’s 
different  from that   and     
he  has a faulty  memory. He 
knows     everything  about 
himself  but  he 
can  form  new 
memories,  and  the 
memories fade  away from  him. (Christopher Nolan, March 16, 2001)

Leonard’s  wife 
got  assaulted in  the 
bathroom  and  she 
recovered  from  the 
assault. Teddy  was  the 
undercover  cop  that helped Leonard  and 
scared  the   thieves 
away  when one  of 
the  men  hit Leonard 
on  the  head.

Some things in the movie 
that  were  not 
accurate  was  that 
Leonard  was  using 
any piece  that  he 
would  find  in 
his  head  and 
fill  the  gap  in
his  stories.  Leonard used 
Sammy   as an excuse  to 
make  up  stories,  
but  everything  about 
Sammy  was  actually what happened in Leonard’s  life. Leonard’s   wife had 
diabetes  and  he 
killed  her with  insulin, 
even though  Sammy  was an con-artist  but  he  did 
not  have  a 
wife.  Even  though 
Teddy  helped  Leonard 
kill  the  man  
that  assaulted his  wife, Leonard 
still thought needed  to  find 
the  man  that 
killed  his  wife.( Christopher Nolan, March 16, 200)

Living  with 
Amnesia  would  be  a  very 
difficult   thing  to 
live  with.  A 
person  can  remember 
what  happened  in 
their  lives  before  
they   had  an 
accident and are able to form 
new  memories,  but 
it’s  very  sad 
for  loved  ones 
that  are  related 
to  the  person with 
Amnesia. Within this  case,
Amnesia  patients’  short-term memory  is 
very  short  and 
their  long-term memory is
about  three  minutes 
long. After   three minutes,  an 
Amnesia  patient  could 
not  remember  the 
words  that  was  
said  or  even 
given  to  them by 
their  doctor   or 
family  member. Explaining
Amnesia  prior  to 
the  groundbreaking  research 
in  the  1970, was 
by  the  two-store modal model.

Amnesia was thought to be a failure to transfer items from short-term   to long-term.  The problem has  nothing 
to  do  with 
encoding but  had  everything 
to  do  with retrieval. There are  four 
ways  amnesiacs  can 
be  tested  and 
those   tests  that 
can  be  given 
to amnesic patients  are  free call, 
recognition,  word-stem
completion, and degraded  word
identification. Two of the tests are   
associated with explicit test, which are free call and recognition.

Meanwhile the two other tests are also associated with implicit testing. There
are several ways to test retention of an event without requiring conscious recollection
of the event. Examples are word stem completion and word fragment completion.

 Retention of the past can be expressed many
ways. Explicit  and  implicit tests  differ in 
the  term of  whatever 
or  not you  are asked to 
consciously think back  to  the 
past. Amnesic patients have severe deficits in remembering the past, but
they can express retention of the past on implicit memory tests. The  Leonard 
from  the  movie memento 
is  also  similar 
to  another  man  
by  the  name K.C. we watch  this 
video  on  sixty 
minute, given  us  an 
example, of  how   Anterograde Amnesia  patients are affect  by 
the  diseases.  He had Anterograde  Amnesia, the 
inability  to  form 
new  memory, and  to 
take  information  from 
short-term is  very  short it 
just  takes three minutes long.

K.C. can count from one to eight after three minutes. K.C. could not remember
the words that he was given to him   by Doctor   Endel Tulving(. Sixty minutes documentary
video) With an Anterograde Amnesia.

 K.C. was a patient studied by Endel Tulving;
K.C.  was 
in  a  motorcycle accident which  caused 
Anterograde  Amnesia and he  has 
damage  to  a 
number of  the  brain 
regions, including  the  medial temporal lobes. In the following
videos that we watched in class, we noticed what K.C. can and cannot do,
however, he remembers things from his past before the accident. K.C. remember
how to change a car tired and used to have motorcycle.  With 
that  same  motorcycle 
he  had  the 
accident  with;  before 
he  lost  his 
memory and  could  not 
form  new  memories 
to Anterograde Amnesia.  (Sixty
minutes documentary video)



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