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In “Memoirs of geisha “by Arthur Golden a novel that is very captivating the moment you read the book the more you get hook. After I finished reading the book I was eager to watch the movie thinking it would surpass my expectation, the fact that it was the movie that captured my interest as I saw some advertisements on television about the movie long time ago and heard it did had lots of Academy award, but I was disappointed. The book was way better than the movie. While reading the novel, you can feel and get carried away by the deep emotions of the characters specially Nitta Sayuri who is the main character and the protagonist and you’ll be fascinated with the exquisite details specially about how to wear the kimono and how the obi represents whoever wears it like the fanciest and most colourful obi are for young unmarried women. The author provides the readers with a great understanding about the geisha and how they live their life. The movie helps me visualize of the scene that is hard for me to imagine. Here are some important scenes that were different from the movie.

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