In modern society all over

In modern society all over the world technology has become a necessity to move along in this world, also it cooperates with almost every industry in modern world. And when looking at the relationship between library and computer has improved gradually and has made a vast revolution in a library management system. As a fact now a days almost, every library system in this society has computerized and has become more efficient and user friendly. Librarian has the responsibility to manage the library as well as adopt to the changes that happens while using a computerized library system.
Traditionally library systems are operated manually by the librarian. As an example, if a student needed to join the library he/she will be given a form to fill and submit it to the librarian and the librarian store the data on ledgers using pen and issue a library card. This process is very costly, time consuming and a hard task. Therefore, it is obvious that a library system needs a computerized system to manage information of the books as well as, efficient service, and most importantly cheaper because it will cost only for the installation and maintenance.

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