In driven focus. They would know if

In my opinion I do think that his earnings of R620 000 000.00 is a bit too much. Yes his work hard all his life had an opportunity to go to university and study full time and met all the right people along the way to get where he is today with such a successful business. All good and happy for him. But I do believe your successes is only because of the people that has supported you throughout your journey, meaning his employees. Without the staff that he has that has been dedicated and hardworking he would not be where he is not today. I do believe instead of taking out this high salary or bonus he should have given at least a portion of his employees either a decent salary increase or a once off bonus. By doing this it would motivate his employees to work harder and try their utmost best to promote sales within the stores and to be more driven focus. They would know if they work hard and give it they will reap the rewards. And at the end he would as well reap rewards and his later generation to come

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