In not only to save energy, water, fertilizers

In INDIA, the water table is experiencing a continuing decline due to long-term pumping for irrigation with limited recharge and farmlands has the water pump, most of the time it is being kept stand-still due to non-availability of grid power in the remote areas, where the potential of sunlight availability is tremendous throughout the year. The increase in agriculture production depends to a large extent on the availability of water and power. Farmer controlling each and every process staying at the field is too main stream. If solar power is harnessed, an agriculture pump can run during a day hours without depending on the power grid and by using IoT user can control all the equipment off-field. The main objective is to save water and reduce farmers work by establishing a Connectionless/Wireless Solar Powered Automatic Drip Irrigation System (WSPADIS) with the assistance of Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), system uses IoT for transmission of data field to the server, Global System for Mobiles (GSM) for farmers who don’t have smartphones, GPRS embedded with the system to locate the sensors in SWATs, Water Draining System to remove excess water and the whole system powered by Hybrid energy based on solar cells, and in the motive of interconnecting devices wirelessly IoT to avoid many confusions henceforth user can control the whole device off filed and large quantity of water could be saved. SWAT and WSNT employed in this work contribute not only to save energy, water, fertilizers but also ensures the pH value, Humidity value and temperature for watering the crops uniformly at the right time.

Drip irrigation is used to an idea of “Less amount of water over a large amount of time yields the Best”. The Drainage Removal system ensures that if the water stagnated over the land exceeds a stipulated amount, that portion of water is removed from the field without manual intervention. By uploading the timely status of all equipment and machine on to the Server, henceforth to android app or PC, leading to enhance the quality and quantity of agricultural yields. All the communications and interconnections are carried over by IoT.

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