In order to achieve the general and specific objectives of the study and to answer the research questions, different data gathering and analysis strategies have been used.
3.1. Research design
The intent of this research is developing a solution to the problem followed by detail analysis of the existing system environment. Hence the research type is a constructive research. Constructive research method implies building of an artifact (practical, theoretical or both) that solves a domain specific problem in order to create knowledge about how the problem can be solved (or understood, explained or modeled) in principle. To give a solution to the problem, the existing system was analyzed by using interview question which helps to study the system.
A qualitative approach was used in this study to conduct the subjective assessment of attitudes, behaviors, and opinions of target data sources (respondents). This approach was selected because of this study aims to investigate existing IT infrastructure, understand what is happening, and find an alternative solution from an operational point of view.
3.1. Process model
In this research we follow the method of Problem identification, Define the objectives for a solution, Design and prototype development and Evaluation.

3.1.1. Problem identification
This phase includes defining the knowledge of the state of the problem and the importance of its solution. We have begun the research by defining the specific research problem and justify the value of a solution by conducting an interview and rigorous analysis of the literature on cloud computing adoption in the Agriculture sector. Since based on the problem definition the researchers atomize the problem conceptually to capture its complexity for developing the proposed cloud computing framework that can effectively provide a solution. The value of the solution also justified motivating the researcher and the audience of the research to pursue the solution and to accept the results and to understand the reasoning associated with the researcher’s understanding of the problem.
3.1.2. Define the Objectives for a Solution
This phase aims to identify or drive the requirements for developing the proposed cloud computing framework from knowledge of the state of problems and current solutions. The researchers infer the objectives of a solution from the problem definition and knowledge of what is possible and feasible to align with the agriculture’s requirements. The qualitative objectives are used, which described how a proposed framework is expected to support solutions to problems. The researcher used the conceptual framework to inferred objectives rationally from the problem specification. In order to develop the study conceptual framework, we have started with the literature review to gather relevant requirements and aspects of existing Cloud frameworks.

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