In environment. For examples, ABC company Business Ethic

In order to discuss about ethics, we shall understand in the business is a deeper principle extension from Morality. Ethics deals with individual character and the most rules that govern and limit our conduct. So, it investigates questions of right or false, duty and obligation and moral responsibility. Besides that, Ethics also helps people determine what is right and wrong because doing the right things is certainly important to a person on the path of success. Ethics are also able to help a person to control their behaving. Morality basically is a root of individual which is based on believe and sources such as parents, religious, friends or entrepreneur habit that be able worth to influence yourself. Furthermore, morality is a directly sense of “right or wrong”, and this theory is one of our behaviour. Ethics contains on standards of what should be or what is right or wrong, but morality is more of how we actually behave our behaviour.
Without ethics, it will caused a lot of impact such as loss of respect, loss of goodwill it will lead other unethical actions also impact of public goodwill in a business environment. For examples, ABC company
Business Ethic are important for an organization to run well, the organization ethics
should have policies, regulations, and culture on doing the right things. Ethics will help
organization in making the right decision on when facing difficult for example they could
bring up the policies or regulations on handling difficulties. Every organization have their
own culture that in a way to present themselves. Some company, they don’t follow the
policies and regulation while handling difficulties but they deal it with their own way. But if
it is certainly important for the organization on how they handle the issue as the social media
are able to exposed the issue and might affect the organization. Other than that, organization that
having a healthy ethical system will also make the consumer to have confidence and trust on
your organization. If an organizations are without ethical, there is potential that they could lose
some shoppers from their actions when for example, giving services like when giving
professionals advice to the customer they should give untruth statement such as ‘this product is
super good, there is no other to be compare but when is the product could be faulty.
Organizations need to hold the customers by having moral practices for the workers with
reasonable and correct promoting techniques and get through to the deal process. Let me
make a real life example, Maxis, a telecommunication company, the reason why is Maxis is
consider to be an ethical company is because they do what they promise to their customer by
providing good services even when their service doesn’t cost cheap but Maxis is providing
the best services to their customer.

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