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In our country there are different educational institutions that have different type of societies in which students can take part and learn a lot. Societies may be related to entertainment, education, sports, history, geography etc. By taking part in these societies, students are able to develop public speaking skills, creativity, critical thinking and management skills. Entertainment societies include dance, music and drama, and the students who are interested, they can take part and entertain others. Debating and literature are included in educational societies, but a few numbers of students take part in educational societies, because a large number of 21st century students are more interested in entertainment societies. Sports societies first take trials than, after short listing the students they make a team and conduct different matches of football, cricket, badminton, tennis, volleyball etc. Students who are interested in the study of past, land and phenomena of the Earth can take part in geography and history societies. All in all, societies teach you a lot, and the learning will be helpful for you in your incoming professional life.

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