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In this chapter, the researcherwill argue in detail about theory, result and analysis from previous researcherabout packaging colour, packaging material, packaging labelling, design ofwrapper and innovation on consumer buying behaviour toward food product amongUniversity Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) students. In this chapter, the researcheralso will debate about the consumer purchasing behaviour. Therefore, thissection will have an overall explanation about topic of impact of packaging onconsumer buying behaviour toward food product among University Malaysia Perlis(UniMAP) students.

From a perspective of a purchaser,now-a-days it has turned out to be very hard to settle on a purchase decision becauseof such a significant number of accessible alternatives which are so close incorrelations. It is troublesome for customers to make a decision on what theyought to invest their time, efforts, energy and money. There are a few factorsout of sight assuming a noteworthy part to take customers to an officialconclusion. Then again, it is exceptionally troublesome for associations toknow on what the client will invest their time, efforts, energy and money.

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Packaging is frequently the lastimpression the purchaser or customer will have of the items previously thatlast buy choice is made, thusly, it merits guaranteeing that packaging isfilling in as hard as conceivable to secure that deal this might be as imagery,brand values, products functionality or pure innovation. There are numerousroutes in which packaging can include esteem.2.1 Consumer buying behaviour toward food product Gonzalez (2007) said that essentialcapacity of packaging is to ensure the item against potential harm whiletransporting, putting away, offering and abusing an item. Gonzalez said thattherefore the part of package in advertising interchanges builds: it must draw inbuyer’s consideration and transmit sufficient estimation of item to a consumerin the brief period right in the place of sale. Accordingly, there is a need toinvestigate the package and its component in more subtle elements, with aspecific end goal to comprehend which of these components are the mostessential for a purchaser buy choice.

Package is one key sustenance foodproduct trait saw by purchasers. It cannot evade playing out the advertisingcapacity, regardless of whether an organization does not expressly perceive thepromoting parts of packaging. In doing this, it is especially essential torecall that not all purchasers assess packaging a similar way. 2.2 Packaging colour Behzad (2014) explain in hisresearch that colours and graphics illustrations assume critical key parts in promotingproduct deals.

Colour effect sly affect shopper’s contemplations, emotions and behaviours;so advertiser should concentrate on the since quite a while ago utilized of coloursas a visual device to help discernment and musings and handle purchaser’sconsideration towards the product. (Labrecque,Patrick,& Milne,2013). As itis said, that green colours draws in the general population, as it is a pieceof nature so it pulls in individuals towards itself. Like this, an organizationought to be more engaged while picking a packaging colour, which will affect productfor a long term and will likewise have effect on the purchasing behaviour ofthe customers. Colours utilized as a part of packagingelement can help draw customer consideration. Colour of packaging is imperativesince it utilized by organizations to separate its product from different competitor.In this way, colours assume a vital part in a potential customer’s decision makingprocess.

Organizations utilize distinctive colours for emphasizing an alternatestate of mind, similar to, dark is utilized for power control, blue for puttinga trust, red for vitality, green for balance or natural and fresh. Colour is afundamental segment of packaging since purchasers expect certain sort of coloursfor specific product (Keller, 2009). Different colours additionally symbolizedistinctive implications to buyers. For instance, orange, yellow, purple theyhave distinctive implications as per the buyer discernment and culture. Accordingto Singh (2006) colour recognitions differ crosswise over societies and thevast majority of the religions are accepted to have their hallowed colour. Customers take in coloursrelationship from current brands in the market, which lead them to lean towardspecific colours for different product classifications. Utilizing colour as asign on packaging can be a possibly solid affiliation, particularly when it isone of a kind to a specific brand (Brewer, 2006).

However, individuals invarious societies are presented to various colour affiliation and create colourinclinations in view of their own way of life’s affiliations.

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