In War fans to consider the possibility of

Star War, the “Force” was an invisible energy that controlled all living things
across the galaxy, and that only the “Jedi” can wield it. It may sounds like
something that only exist in a fictional story – which it is – but for some
Star Wars fans, the “Jedi” is more than just a fictional term to them; it’s a belief
system that just like any other religions have. “Jediism” is a real-life religion
that was exploded into the mainstream back in 2000, when hundreds of thousands
of people listed Jediism as their religion in several countries (Shea). The
idea of having a made up religion like Jediism seems like a joke to other
people. But the movement led others who are serious Star War fans to consider
the possibility of gaining a full religious status.  In Texas, a Temple of the Jedi Order was
founded in 2005 (Shea). The temple follows the teaching and terminology of the Jedi
and believes that it’s the gateway to reach into the spiritual world of the
Force. While the temple only has roughly 27 members, the Jediism belief has
been spreading throughout the world with over 14,000 believer in Czech, 8,000
in Canada, 64,000 in Australia and 174,000 in England (Shea). The majority of people
who joined Jediism are atheist, they see the concept of the Force as something that
they could believe and be interested in; something that is not bounded by a
certain rule or entity, but only the power of the Force. Perhaps, there is no telling
to what extent that Star Wars fans are willing to go to fully embrace the

a way, Star War is a fantasy film that based on American’s culture, history and
conflict. It’s a mythology that tells a story about good and evil, heroism and villainy
that in a lot way intertwined with the concept of American heroism and masculinity.
The franchise touched on the myth of the “Wild West” – an essential part of
American history that represents national value, identity and characteristic of
the old America. It try to bring back this myth by showing the audiences a simpler
and innocent time of America, since that time was fractured by the ugliness of American
involvement in the Vietnam War, and the damages that it had on American society.
Star Wars also portrayed the courage of Americans in the America’s
Revolutionary War by showing a small group of rebellions fighting a big and
well-equipped empire and eventually defeated them with wit and determination.
Ultimately, Star Wars was trying recreated the image of a good old America that
the United States was always a force for good and justice by celebrating the originality
and simplicity of the story. It gives the audiences a sense of hope and
reassurance of a better future and that good always triumph over evil.

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