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In the film “The Patriot, I feel like there was no right or wrong in the movie. Although the story was certainly intended for a standard gathering of people for the reason that it is more fiction than truth. In spite of the fact that the film tells an endearing and thrilling story, it can’t be utilized to represent real occasions. There are numerous inaccurate parts in the film regarding the fights, era, and even characters themselves. The film benefited several components alongside every one of the misinterpretations. It was specified a few times and even appeared toward the end that the French armed force was supporting the Colonial armed force which most Revolutionary War film never call attention to. This is one of the angles that helped the Americans win the war. One issue was that the provincial, particularly the state army had a more prominent will to win since they’d lose more. I would recommend the film to others since it is engaging I feel like you could take in things from the movie, for example, being committed, reliable and noble.

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