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In today’s article, we will find the difference between RAM and ROM. The difference between RAM and ROM is that ROM is basically a form of non-volatile memory which means ROM retains all its memory even if you shut down your computer. On the other hand, RAM is considered as volatile memory. RAM can only hold the data as long as your computer is up and in running condition. You hear these terms on daily basis but RAM is most commonly used in our daily life. You would have heard their purposes and even know a little about them as well. But a lot of people don’t even know the difference between the RAM and ROM and wouldn’t able to tell them about a bit.RAM is often known as random access memory is a hardware element of our computers where all program and OS (operating system) and data that are currently being used are stored so that the processor can save it quickly. If you want to see your RAM you have to open your computer cabinet (computer tower) you will find the one or two chips installed in the slot of your PC motherboard. That is called a RAM. In the modern computer, motherboards come with more than one RAM slots which allows you to increase the RAM capacity to achieve the better and operational speed of your computer.ROM is often abbreviated as read-only memory and it is such a type of memory where data has been prerecorded and contains all programming that helps your computer to boot up. ROM retains all its contents even after you shut down your computer and this is the reason a computer can be switched on in the first place. It really fair to say for a ROM you wouldn’t be able to fire up your PC. These are the basic definitions of RAM and ROM but as these, both are the type of memories and both these helps in running the computer and also sound similar in some manner so people often confused between these terms. Keeping these basic definitions in mind let’s have a look some basic difference between RAM and ROM.

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