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In this paper, we analyzed the problem of for security related issues while storing the data on cloud. To prevent and implement unauthorized to a user’s data on cloud we devised an efficient system architecture which supports efficient operations on data like modification of data, deleting or appending the data. We implemented ip triggering which triggers a mail to the user’s registered email address on unauthorized access of data. On the second level, we have used a password login system with a key to prevent access of files other than the sole owner. Even if the key is compromised the system detects unauthorized access by comparing the ip against its database and if they don’t match successfully redirecting it to the dummy file thus preventing the users’ data from being corrupted or modified.

The area of cloud computing is still in bloom so still many vulnerabilities are not discovered and has decent amount of challenges. The most hopeful development which we can expect from cloud computing is to provide the user with decent amount of control of their own data. Automating the system to check for any modifications in data by using hashing algorithms and calculating checksum for checking with any modifications attack like SHA-checksum.

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