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In times of transition children and young people will require those who support them to provide emotional support, practical help and information. It is important to the role of parents and their careers in supportive children at transition facts. They may need information on the facts related to the transition, instruction and support as well as reinsurance.
• Starting, moving school (infants to junior or senior)- parents or guardians should talk to their child to find out what they think about the new school and why they need to start / start a new school. Parents should visit a new school with their child to familiarize the child with the surroundings and talk to the future teacher. It is important to involve the child in shopping for the items needed to start school education. Parents should assure the child that everything will be alright, and that many friends and adventures await them.
• Moving class – parents / guardians should talk to the child about the whole situation and listen to what worries. Explain to your child why this happens when a new class begins and make sure that everything is going well.
• Starting college or university – at this age a young person should be sure that he has chosen the right path. Parents or guardians should make the child is good, at what they do, and that full support of parents and family.

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