In now using gadgets to teach students. Gadgets

In today’s age, gadgets have been needing in our lives, it can help us for the information we need in our daily life. Most people in this generation think that gadgets are their lives, that they can’t live without a gadget. Technology begin to make our life easier. Some schools support this argument because they felt that gadgets can help students in learning in school. Gadgets must allow in Schools to help students in their studies.
Some schools accept this proposal, because they are now using gadgets to teach students. Gadgets are not really a problem to bring their gadgets in school. But some schools don’t approve because they think that gadgets may affect in their studies. There are advantage and disadvantage of allowing students to bring their gadgets in school, first is the advantage of bringing gadgets to school are: they can easily contact their parents if there is an emergency, it states that “ninety-nine percent want to be able to contact their children, and have their children contact them via cellphone in an emergency” (Hamilton, 38), they can pass their seatworks or homework thru email or any social media sites, and lastly according to Lyubomirsky, King ; Diener (2005) found that happiness causes success. Therefore, if we keep students happy they will be more willing to learn, more productive, and more likely to succeed. The disadvantage of bringing phone in schools are: students might cheat using their phone, they might plagiarize others work or use it in form of bullying. But still even though there is advantages or disadvantage in schools. Schools must allow students to bring their phone.

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