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In todays world we have many religions that include Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, etc., and each of these religions carry a center figure head that gives their followers certain aspects of rules to follow to guide their souls to a more divine spot in the afterlife. Many people follow these religions because they were born into them and others follow them because it gives them some sort of comfort in life. While each of these religions are different in every single retrospect, they each have similar rules that leave their followers with trapped in moment of either having little or no choice with what they’re going to be. In todays era many people are dropping their ancestral heritage for a more open choice in finding their individuality and being able to see their neighbor in a more equal view.
Many of these people are joining a Neo Paganism movement known as Wicca to achieve this. Wicca has grown from a small town little witch coven in England to a mass movement of different branches in many different corners of Europe ,North America, and Australia.

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