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In today’s technology driven world, as more and more people are joining the debate about, what is personalized learning? So, firstly it’s important for us to discuss about “personalized learning”.WHAT IS PERSONALIZED LEARNING? If we talk about it in simple language – Personalized learning refers to instructions in which the pace of learning and the instructional approach to make as effective as for the needs of each learner, where the learning objectives, instructional approaches, and instructional content vary from learner to learner and their needs. Mostly it lays stress upon student driven instructional objectives, content, pace and sequencing.Personalization in education ensures individual student’s needs are met. It also refers to instruction that is passed to learning needs, tailored to learning preferences, and make simple to the specific interest of different learners. TEACHERS HAVE THEIR OWN PLACE.But giving students more ownership does not mean that the teachers give up their responsibility to direct students learning. It is taught in such a way that engages students and helps teachers to understand their strengths and weaknesses to each learner and then simply making the particular course of study to fit for each student’s unique needs.There is a very beautiful quote by Alfie Kohn – “Personalized learning requires the presence of a caring teacher who knows each student well.”So personalized learning is not an invitation for technology to replace teachers. It is not giving each child their own gadgets (their own iPad and pair of ear buds) while the teacher to sit back to watch. If that were the case, we would make students sit in front of big screens and let technology lead the lecture without any engagement and lack of focus of the students. Technology is not designed to replace the teachers, but help the teachers to understand the needs of their students, make classwork more efficient that challenges the students at different levels, encourages collaboration and creativity and at least helps teachers empower their own students to take responsibility for their own.Technology on its own solves nothing. Teacher’s involvement and technology are meant to go hand in hand. Technology has become interlace into many personalized learning frameworks because of its ability to track individual student’s progress and generate unique content to go beyond the capability of a single teacher.Teachers in this technology oriented world have its own importance as follows:• Teachers prepare students for an ever changing world with way to all the types of information.• They can be the best guides for students and can shape their educational experiences.• They can help students by engaging them with different learning tools that will help in adding greater value and support deeper learning with different technology.So I believe that it is not only the technology itself, but how technology is educated by teachers in a learning environment, that leads to success.Technology is developing day by day in this technology driven world and students now focusing more on personalized learning and this gets even better with the assignment help. Teachers always hold a special position in a student’s life for building up their careers. Even though the modern tech world has its own place, but can’t replace teachers completely. Right now teachers are playing much more important role in warming up students for a changing world with unlimited access to various forms of education. Teachers will be their guide to not just shape educational experiences, but also help them with custom assignment help and much more, under basic characteristics.Apart from the transformed system of education that reflects a completely new vision.  The main aim of this is to help students to implement the art of personalized learning in a successful manner.  In case of personalized learning, instructions are assigned to any career-ready and college standards. Not only that, but instructions are segmented for enriching the skills of student, just to help them be more successful in career.Well, it’s not the technology itself, which can make a change. But the main magic lies with the teachers on how well they use this technology to help students to gain the best results. This is the best way to grow tech world with the help of the teachers to get students on the path of success.Teachers can follow their own steps to create personalized learning plans for their students. For example:• By defining the starting point. – How do you know where you’re going if you’re not sure where you started? So, it’s important to define the starting point.• By setting Goals. – Goals are the most important tool that can focus our efforts in a specific direction. • Appeal to student interests. – Considering student’s interests, passion into your instruction is a great way to make students feel their voice has been heard.• Teach students how to track – having students to track their own progress against the goals results helps students gain towards reaching them.• Refine areas where to focus more – by, tracking their own progress report student can refine the area where they need to focus more.• Assess for learning.So it has been easily stated that personalized education is not quite possible without the help of technology. By implementing this technology that might help in extending the benefits proper of teacher by allowing easy implementation of latest to learning and teaching.Good teaching has always focused on the needs of individual students. The availability of high quality resources and all the kinds of computing devices are making it possible to teach students in ways that can help them achieve the greatest success in life. It is all up to the teachers to learn how making the best use of the available resources.”Personalized learning technology helps students achieve their full potential in the classroom and enables teachers to do what they do best- teach.”  – Christine willing.

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