In morning, Malin went to the harbor and

In a fishing village on the coast of Sumatra, there lived a poor widow and her son whose name was Malin Kundang. The widow loved her son so much and tried giving him her best. With her love, Malin grew up into a hardworking boy who helped earn money for his mother. However, they were always still poor. One day, Malin says he wants to leave the village, not wanting to spend his life in poverty. His mother was upset her son was leaving but she let him go. In the morning, Malin went to the harbor and found a trading ship where he was able to join the crew. His mother came to say goodbye and after embracing him, she told him not to forget her. He promised he wouldn’t and that he would come back to bring her money. Months pass by and Malin Kundang’s mother prayed every day for her son as she had not heard anything from him. Months turn into years, and she continued to pray every day for him. Everyday, she would visit the harbour hoping to see a ship bring her son back. One day, a big ship arrives and the widow sees a wealthy handsome man step off the boat. The man was dressed in expensive clothes, a beautiful girl on his arm and had servants and bodyguards surrounding them. The widow immediately recognized him as her son and she ran up to him. She threw her arms around him, excited to see her sone again. However, the wealthy merchant was embarrassed at the sight of his old mother dressed in filthy clothes, and was afraid of what his people would think. He glared at the woman in front of him, and denied she was his mother. He yelled at her and pushed her away. The woman was shocked at her son’s actions and sobbed. Malin Kundang ordered his guards to take her away. He ignored his mother’s pleas and went back to the ship.The widow was hurt and angered, so she fell upon her knees and prayed. She prayed a curse would cover her son. So, Malin Kundang’s ship ran into a storm. His ship was taken away by the strong waves and he struggled, but eventually got to a beach. The woman’s prayer was heard so as Malin stepped on the land, he fell forwards, turning into rock.

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