India to the time Britain colonized the territory

India is one of the country in South Asia with diverse terrain from Himalayas Peak. It is the seventh largest country by area, the second most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world.

  The capital of India is New Delhi, and the country’s largest cities are Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata. Kenya is a country in East Africa with coastline on the Indian Oceans. The country is home to 43.5 million people, while its capital city is Nairobi.

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Kenya has hot climate due to its location.India’s movement toward independence occurred in stages prompted by the inflexibility of the British and in many instances their violence resources to peaceful protests. In the 1900s, India was part of The British Empire but by the end of 1947 India had achieved independence. India was ruled by The British. During the first half of the 20th century, a nationwide struggle for independence was launched with leading party involved being the Indian national congress which was later joined by other organizations.  20th century Kenya can be traced back to the time Britain colonized the territory in 1895. The colonial rule in Kenya history saw the influence of English and other European settlers. Before 1947, India became a country that was divided by many cultures, religions and different languages.

On August 15th, 1947, the Jewel of the British Empire, India was granted independence. India had been under the influence of a foreign ruler for its entire history. It was never in control of its own political destiny. However, Mohandas Gandhi arrived in 1914 did the masses unit in their unhappiness and show Britain that they were capable of an uprising.  The independent Republic of Kenya was formed in 1964 it was ruled as De Facto one – party state by the Kenya African National Union (KANU) it was alliance by Jomo Kenyatta during 1963 to 1978.The Indian independence movement incorporated the efforts by Indians to liberate the region.

It started from 1857 until the 15th of August 1947, when India got independence. Many political ideas also contributed to the movement, many leaders and freedom fighters not only Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Movement incorporated the efforts by Indians to liberate the region from British, French and Portuguese and the nation state of India. The Kenya independence movement was a political party in Kenya. The growth of the cooperative movement in Kenya since independence has been quite rapid. Kenyan Cooperative movement has received fairly widespread scholarly attention.

The movement was especially associated with the ritual oaths employed by leaders of the Kikuyu Central Association to promote unity in the independence movement. India has been home to several ancient civilizations and empires, culture and religions have flourished over the millennia, and foreign influence has ebbed and flowed. Most significant events that led to our freedom and the established of the sovereign nation of India. India’s first war of independence termed Sepoy Riots by the British in 1857. In 1885 Indian National Congress was created and became India’s major Political Party. Direct Action Day (16 August 1946). Also known as the Great Calcutta Killings, was a day of widespread riot and manslaughter between Hindi’s and Muslims in the city of Calcutta.

  Earliest human tools have been found in Kenya as key events, suggesting that it was the cradle of humanity from which descendants moved out to populate the world. Health poverty action is working with Pastoralists in the Mandera region near the border of Ethiopia, to strengthen them in their struggle for health. Kenya is supported by the European union and the UK’s department for international development. India got independence on August 15th, 1947 after a great – Political and social struggle. Their initial intentions were to carry out trade in India, but in due – of time they developed Political and administrate ambitions. They major factors were the decline of The British Empire, and nationalism that had been growing even prior to the war.

Subash Chandra Bose wrote, “The individual must die, so that the nation may live. Today I must die so that India may win freedom and glory. The factors that led to the growth of independence movements lie in a delicate balance. If the Indians hadn’t had concrete reasons for waiting for the British to leave India there would – have been as many as anti-colonial movement, and in turn there wouldn’t have been as much nationalist thought. On December 12, 1963, Kenya gained its independence from Britain.

“With Britain’s union Jack replaced by the black, red and green flag of the new states, Political Power in Britain” last east African colonial holding slipped from the grasp of its 55,759 whites and was taken its 8,365,942 Africans. The Mau Mau movement was a militant African nationalist group that opposed of the native population. The strengthening of presidential powers exacerbated ethnic divisions of the country and “led to staggering levels of corruption.

“The most obvious effect of this would be the removal of the British, who organized that after World War II, holding on to their colonial empire would be nearly impossible. The major cause of Gandhi’s independence movement in India was the fact that the British had colonized India and were ruling it for the benefit of Britain rather than for the benefit of the Indians. The major effect of Gandhi’s movement, of course, was that India won its independence in 1947. Probably the most sustained effect was that way India earned freedom in 1952, certain chain of events had transpired that would change Kenya as a country and unrelentingly lead it down a chain of events that left the country in the economic disaster and it remains this way until this very day. Another study that researched the economic conditions of Kenya concluded that its struggle with poverty is also hindering the country’s ability to succeed on an economic level.

Even through these countries have grown economically in some areas they have not undertaken the success to help reduce their poverty 



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