Industry another using standard Internet-based protocols and to

Industry 4.0 is being called
as a “smart factory”. With the advances and modules of new structured factories,
comes in cyber physical systems which monitors the physical processes. It
creates the virtual copies of the physical world and makes decentralized
decisions. We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution,
technological advancements bringing up forth the rise of new digital industrial
technology known as industry 4.0. This transformation is called to be powered by
nine foundations of the technology advances. Logistics 4.0 and Supply chain 4.0
being the part of the industry also brings new agendas and strategies to play
around with while, Logistics 4.0 concentrates on developing the information
technology and digitalization with more cutting edge innovations. This advances
will allow the cyber physical systems to interact with one another using
standard Internet-based protocols and to analyze data to predict failure,
configure themselves and adapt to changes. 1 The aim was to represent the
first step towards the industry 4.0 component implementation using standardized
technologies. 2 This represents the architect for loT-based smart factories
it defines he main concept of such factories which has a focus on
sustainability perspectives which proposes to use energy management in smart
factories using loT. 3 It describes the nine pillars of the technology trends
that are building blocks for industry 4.0 which explores the potential
technical and economic benefits for manufacturers ad production equipment suppliers.
4 Serving the purpose this study demonstrates solutions for the technological
assistants for the workers, which represents the implementation of the cyber
physical world and the interactions in the form of intelligent user interfaces.
5,6 Provides the first insights of the challenges of the development of the
industry 4.0 prototype system and an evaluation of first results of the
operational prototype. 7 The detailed insights of the CPS (cyber physical
systems) and its implementation is provided which is unified at level-5

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