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Last updated: April 22, 2019

It goes without saying that almost everyone enjoys the invention of the Internet. I cannot but to admit that the Internet is the greatest invention in the 20th century. In fact, today our global communication is functioning based on the Internet as it transmits all kinds of information. Certainly, teenagers compose a major group of the Internet users as they research for papers, chat with friends, read e-mails, and so on.

It appears to us that the Internet has become so convenient to us that we can barely live without it; however, we might want to examine its pros and cons to the younger generation.Let’s start with the pros. May I ask a question? Is here anyone younger than 30 not using the Internet? If you raise your hand, then what are you doing right now? Obviously, we use the Internet because we need it.

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We need the quick access to information and knowledge. We need the convenience that the cyberspace offers. We can use email, Skype, and MSN to communicate with friends for free. Of course there are much more thing that we can do through the Internet. I’m not going to list everything because I think most of them you already know.All what we got from the Internet can be conclude in a word, convenience.

And the convenience is stronger enough to surpass all the cons that I’m going to tell you put together. One important impact of the Internet to the younger generation is that it has changed the way they communicate. Instead of hanging out with friends, teenagers had showed a trend that they would rather stay at home and chat with each other. However, it is not obviously good for health since sitting in front of their personal computer chatting throughout their free time is not the best way to release pressure.Furthermore, the Internet has become a major source of entertainment for the younger generation according to the development of flash and web-based games.

Some youngsters are so addicted to it that they start perform poorly in other fields, such as academy and athletics. What is also worth noticing is that there is no certain way that can restrict the information on the Internet. It is saying that youngsters may receive all kinds of information without the ability of judging it, though it may sometimes be beneficial.Some invisible hazards are inside the internet world. Children sometimes go to the websites that contain violent, porn, and other inappropriate information.

However, so far, there has been no good method to completely restrain information before it gets to the children. Besides, I think most of you have heard the tragic news, Emma Watson, the girl who acted as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter movie series, was reported dead at age 19. Shock, isn’t it? But it’s not true. It’s just another internet rumor, AGAIN. What is real, and what isn’t?It’s a new challenge that our younger generations are facing right now. Is it a bad thing, then? Some vote yes, but some says no. The yes people alleged that our children are too young to distinguish the true stories from the false ones, and they’ll easily get the wrong information and the wrong concept of our society. On the other hand, there’s a theory called the “New Darwin’s Law of Internet Selection”.

That is, our children will learn from the true and fake news by themselves, and therefore, they will get smarter and smarter.Anyway I disagree with this law. I don’t think it’s a good idea to dump our children in the wild and learn how to survive from the beasts instead of me. These certainly showed some cons of the Internet; however, whether it is good or bad for the younger generation still remains controversial. Anyway, although we create the Internet, do we really dominate the Internet? Or are we actually dominated by the Internet while thinking that we dominate it. Twenty years ago, we had to go to the real store to buy what we want.On the way to the store, we might bump into a friend and had a nice chat.

We might meet a hot clerk in the store. Indeed, we can save our time buying things through the Internet now, but we lose the chance to talk with people face to face. For what? What do we get? Only more time on the Internet! The Internet has lowered the temperature of our feelings. I don’t think an emoticon is better than a real smile, or a real hug. If we can meet, then don’t talk on the phone.If we can talk on the phone, then do use MSN.

Go out to the real world. Everything will be better. After all, we are made by flesh, not by metal. Another example, ancient people have to convey their love through the moon, but their love is more sincere, more impressive, more touching and more romantic. Now we can send “I love you” through a click.

But is it true? Is it just a perfunctory message? The Internet does shorten the distance between people, but does it shorten the distance between hearts?


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