Information in the field of education at all

Information and Communications Technologies present a large
spectrum of tools that teachers integrate in their job to improve
course management, curriculum design, lesson planning and
learning materials. Also, technology enhanced learning is the
integration of ICT to support of learning activity, enhance the
learning experience and improve the learning outcomes. Learning
activities usually follow pedagogical approaches based on a
curriculum design. Over the years, strides in technology have
brought significant changes in the field of education at all levels. In
the UK, the Government and other bodies such as National Grid for
Learning and New Opportunities Fund ICT Training for Servicing
Teachers have invested heavily in the ICT resources in education.
The aim was to modernise school as well as to improve skills and
performance of learners. Numerous investigations have been carried
out to determine the impact of computer assisted learning on
students’ performance. It has been found that the use of ICT does
not directly increase the performance of learners although, but may
improve the knowledge and understanding of learners. However,
most of the studies are concentrated on Key Stages and primary
students. There are limited investigations carried out on the impact
of ICT on learning at Higher Education.

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