INFORMATION Financial Year 17(FY 17). f. The


20 OCT 18

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SUBJECT: Military Health System

1. Purpose: To introduce a comprehensive summary review of the Military Health System (MHS) from 2010 to 2014

2. Facts:

a. The MHS action plans contained courses of action to resolve all 44 recommendations in the quality of care section of the MHS Review. The MHS has completed 22 of 26 action plans to address the 44 quality of care recommendations.

b. All MTFs (military treatment facilities) identified in the MHS Review as outliers for the National Perinatal Information Center (NPIC) quality of care measures regarding postpartum hemorrhage, Patient Safety Indicator #17 Birth Trauma, and shoulder dystocia developed action plans to improve performance as the Secretary of Defense directed.

c. All eight MTFs identified in the MHS Review as outliers “needing improvement” in the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program’s measure of morbidity had met standards.

d. Three of the four MTFs that were “negative outliers” for the PCM (primary care manager) Continuity measure at the time of the MHS Review were no longer negative outliers. The DoD (Department of Defense) deactivated the remaining MTF in FY (Financial Year) 17 2015 and it is no longer in operation, so it is no longer being tracked.

e. Defense Health Agency developed action plans, in response to the MHS Review, included implementing quality of care and process improvement governance. The DoD was developing a quality of care governance structure with common policy, procedure, and direction in accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act for Financial Year 17(FY 17).

f. The MHS developed the Partnership for Improvement (P4I) performance management system. The MHS uses the P4I to monitor quality of care for areas requiring improvement.

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