Informative and other animals in need of their

Informative Essay – Joseph Volpe Animals like dogs, and cats are going in to shelters but, people all from different places are helping out. People and even kids all over the world are saving dogs, cats and other animals in need of their help. Some of the kids that help out are pretty young. So, when lots of animals are ending up in shelters, there are some people out there to help them out when these poor animals are in need, they truly need these people to help them and these people contribute to these animals’ lives.

These people are important to save the animals. Animals who don’t have a home definitely are getting people to help them. They rely on humans, they can’t do anything to help themselves find a home. That’s why there are people here to help these animals, animals who are in need of food, a nice soft bed, and in need of love. Animals like dogs, and cats are ending up in shelters but there are people out there to help.

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“Faye Carey has set up a Facebook page, Animal Re-Home Waikato, where she advertises puppies and dogs who need adopting.” Also according to The Huffington post it says “when the bond between an animal and his guardian is broken, as when an an animal is lost, or abandoned or surrendered to a shelter, who then has responsibility for the animal and his care?” This shows that people are here to help, and that there are animals who get separated because of a storm and other things that would cause the animals to be seperated, and that the animals have to end up in shelters, or there are people who find these animals and post them on a website or something, people like Faye Carey, who are here to help these animals. Even though, animals are ending up in shelters, people are here to help. For instance “In fact, just a few weekends ago we had an amazing adoption event – a real example of community partnership. We got 65 animals into new homes in just two days.” Another piece of evidence is “So I advertised him on TradeMe© and he got a lot of interest and he went to a wonderful home in Auckland.” This shows that the community is helping out to find these animals a home to help them out. It said that they got 65 animals a new home in two days.

Two days! The community and the people are here for these animals. Advertising them is also extremely helpful for these animals’ lives. Anyone can help save a life. If you go to an animal shelter, try advertising the animals when you see them, because eventually someone who wants that animal will see it, and will reach out to you, to try to get that animal a new home, and that animal just went from a shelter to a home and that animal now has someone to love them.

Although, lots of animals are ending up homeless in shelters – lots of people are here to help out these animals who have to suffer from being homeless with no food, not really much of anything. They don’t have anything to do but sleep, these animals are being rescued by people, and some of these people are kids, so not just adults can save these animals, kids can set up Instagram© accounts and post pictures of animals and anyone can do that. Just think about this, if you had or have a pet would you have or wanted them to have nothing, and be on the street? So, if you could try to save these animals that are in need of a good home, food and so many things. These animals are alone, with nothing. These animals don’t have someone to love them, and they don’t have anyone to love.                       



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