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Innocent drinks produces a range of products from fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices (some branded specially for kids), yogurts, carbonated drinks and to more recently introduced the dairy-free range including coconut water. The company endeavours “to make natural, delicious, healthy drinks that help people live well and die old” (innocent drinks, 2018). It vaunts that its products have no added water, sugar or artificial sweeteners, or that it uses concentrates and preservatives in the blend (D&B Hoovers, 2018).
Innocent is the number one company producing smoothies both in the United Kingdom and in another 15 European countries and employs over 250 people with its headquarters housed in Fruit Towers located in west London (innocent drinks, 2018). Back in 2009, the soft-drink giant Coca Cola Company to 18% stake from innocent drinks and in 2013 it bought out almost all of innocent drinks and now owns up to 90% of the company (Lucas, 2013). Every week the company sells over 2 million smoothies and its products can be purchased in many coffee shops and retail food outlets across Europe. During the London Olympic Games of 2012 innocent had the honour of being the official smoothie and juice of the prestigious event (D&B Hoovers, 2018).

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