Integrity but to uphold one’s sense of morality

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Last updated: May 5, 2019

Integrity to me means to be Superman! I know it’s a rather uncannything to write in a college application, but hear me out.

We all know Supermanis a fictitious comic character, who wields absolute power, but what does beinghim really means? Does it mean to be more powerful than others, or does it meanto be an alien, or does it mean to lead a masked life? None of those. If we doa ‘Root Cause Analysis’ of all the superman stories that we have till now, itbecomes rather clear. The character ‘Superman’is nothing, but Integrity manifested in human form! Without his integrity, atbest he could have been a spoiled, whiny, apathetic sun-god, and at worst hecould have been death-reincarnate who practically no one could have stopped.  Being superhuman doesn’t mean wieldingparanormal powers, but to uphold one’s sense of morality and justness when in aposition of responsibility. This can be any position, right from motherhood toa corporate CEO.

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It’s at this moment, when we wield power to influencedecisions and bring changes, integrity matters the most. Integrity plays an important role in maintaining equilibriumin every sphere of life – professional, academic or personal. Say for example,if the supervisor at a place of work takes undue advantage of his position ingiving promotions, not only such a thing would repel talent from thatorganization, but also cause an ultimate breakdown of the entire professionalmachinery of that place. If a student plagiarizes term papers from his peers, itmight result into academia’s merit bases award system losing its value. Everyposition of responsibility, no matter how small, demands integrity. As an academic institute which values integrity above elseall, Purdue should expect nothing less from its students.

Having this as anindispensable quality is not optional, but is necessary in a world sointerconnected. One small step can have ripple effects ruining or buildingsomeone’s life- and for future leaders, morality and uprightness is a must ifwe want to achieve brilliance. However, a university is quite often a placewhere students brew their intellect, learn right from wrong, and grow asindividuals. According to Webster Dictionary, Inquisition and Explorationare two synonyms of the word study. As a student one should be given someamount of leeway, but not at the cost of their other fellow peers. Studentsshould be given the opportunity to learn about Integrity, and theresponsibility for such an education does not only lie only with theauthorities concerned, but also their peers. The consequences for any suchindiscretion cannot be generalized and should only be made on a case-by-casebasis.



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