Internal and External Influences

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Last updated: April 12, 2019

Internal and External Influences affecting the Consumer’s Decision Making Process A number of factors affect the consumers buying behavior. Some of these are internal and others because of external influences. A few of these internal and external factors influencing the consumer’s buying behaviour while deciding to buy a Digital Camera are listed below: Internal Influences Perception: Perception is how a consumer processes information consciously or subconsciously.The perception about the brand and also about him has an influence on the buying decision.

Education: A consumer’s knowledge and experiences have an impact on the decision making process. From the interviews it has been inferred that an educated person is aware of different technologies available in the digital camera market and chooses the brand and model in accordance with his needs. Self-construction: A person’s self-concept or self-perception includes an assessment of their personalities, habits, skills, talents etc.Interviewees have been found to base their decision making process of their self-perception. A girl wants a compact camera in varied colours while a boy might choose a sturdy one in black or silver. Motivation: Motivation is a driving force which influences the humans to achieve their goal.

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Motivation to learn photography and capture the moments has been an internal influence to buy a decision. A person willing to learn professional photography will pick a different camera model than someone who wants it for recreational purposes.External Influences Family: The family has played an important role as an external influencer.

Many a times the payer is the elder (father mostly) of the family. A young unmarried adult is likely to spend more on a camera for his personal use compared to a family person who prefers to spend less on individually oriented products. A product to be gifted to a family member who is not as tech-savvy will be less complex and more user friendly. Purchase Situation


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