Internet Addiction

Rewrite (Ryan) The internet has considerably changed our daily life, even precious individual life. It was reported that a teenager died in an internet club because of overuse of the internet. There are diverse examples indicating that the overuse of the internet can cause health problems and mental illnesses, which make people become isolated and antisocial. The aim of this essay is to discuss two main factors of causing overuse of the internet, addiction and the lack of a daily schedule, respectively.

Internet addiction can directly lead to unrestrained use of internet, which is the most remarkable root cause. The symptoms of internet addiction are similar with that of other addictions, including physical and emotional dependency. As a result, it is challenging to give up smoking, drug and alcohol abuse as well as the internet addiction. Compulsive internet use has become epidemic among children, teenagers and adults as the Internet provides so many types of entertainment, shopping, communication that they cannot control and it in turn lead to the overuse of the internet.

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Apart from the addiction, a lack of daily routine or schedule also brings about using the internet excessively. Too much time using Facebook, shopping online, chatting with friends, spending a ridiculous number of hours doing anything online effect employee productivity and ignore other duties and responsibilities, which is the consequence of overuse of the internet. Thus, they rarely care about how much food they eat, how many hours they sleep which could result in health problems due to overuse of the internet.

In brief, addiction and irregular lifestyle are two main reasons attributing to the overuse of the internet. Addiction is the most obvious and dangerous signal of excessive internet usage as people struggle to give it up. Moreover, irregular lifestyle could easily reduce people’s sense of time that would lead to too much time on the internet. As a matter of fact, people should improve their self-control whatever the causes of overuse of the internet are.



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