Internet creativity and science .Finally in 1981 Internet

Internet was not that developed as it is being commonly used in our daily life. The USA arm forces ever looked for a new technology with the capability of both increasing and securing their commutations this they came up with idea of stepping into a new and various duration of creativity and science .Finally in 1981 Internet was experimentally tested and resulted into high performance ,accuracy of troops . The flaw going wrong with the USA army caused many asian countries to thinking of accessing one computer to get connected with one another worldwide.with the new advancement in internet,big search engines such as google , yahoo appeared making students ,masters to look for information they needed wether in studying or working fields(  With Aim of education )Another way which is commonly used in organization of a country called interanet with low speed with aim of ( security )Nowadays internet is used to access withdrawing and transferring money from point A to B making the distance meaningless in which people can do most of common daily banking tractions( with aim of world banking system )Moreover as the speed of internet increases,it can be used on video conference and distance teaching so poor students who can’t deal with universities accommodation study online and to graduate( distance learning )  .

Also internet is an evolution in online shopping that no matter where you are , you don’t have to worry of spending a lot of time just for shopping( easing shopping ) Since internet is a fast growing online network ,it also has some add and pros that unfortunately many children spend hours using their tablets and smart phones causing them to eyes sight problems. As we described,Internet is widely used in education,world banking system,distance learning ,shopping concluding the fact that this amazing and useful virtual world should be enhanced positively to ease our life .

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