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 IntroductionThere have been a number of significant changes ininformation technology over the last 20 years. Although there were manyadvances from the late eighties up into the late 1990s, much more major stepshave been taken since then. Almost all electronic devices have undergoneextensive transformations and some have been made nearly entirely obsolete,such as pagers and fax machines.

Phones have changed from simple communicationdevices to practically universally capable devices for most IT needs. Modernsmart phones have much more computing power than most personal computers fromthe 1990s, and perform a much wider range of tasks.   Another majordevelopment that has occurred relates to the storage of information. Whereinformation would have been previously stored on external disks and drives andinternal drives, cloud storage has become a more prevalent method of storinginformation. With cloud storage the user has the advantage of being able toaccess their data from almost any device with internet access. This method ofstorage is much more user friendly as it does not require the user to be in thepossession of any data storage hardware to access their data. Although this maybe a convenient method of storing information, it has drawbacks, which mainlyconcern data security and protection.

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The user’s data is being stored in arelatively open system when compared with a typical internal hard drive. Thiscan make it easier for hackers to obtain people’s personal information andmedia stored in the cloud.                                                                                                                              Thebasics of a computer systemThe improvements made in the world of electronicdevices are due to the advancement of the basic components that constitute the computingcentres of these devices:·        CPUsor “central processing units”, thepart of the computer’s hardware that carries out the instructions of thecomputer program using mathematical, logical and input/output operations, havedecreased dramatically in size in recent years, allowing them to be placed insmaller devices and for those devices to be much more powerful.

·        RAMor “random access memory” is thememory the computer uses to perform immediate tasks almost instantaneously. RAMis different to ROM or “read-only memory”,in that RAM is a volatile memory, meaning it is not stored when the power isremoved. ROM is used when booting up a computer and is not easily changeable.·        The Harddrive is a non-volatile memory device that permanently stores and retrievesdata on a computer. Hard drives in the modern era have many hundreds orthousands of times the storage capacity when compared with older models yearsago.·        Inputand output devices are devices used for putting in ortransmitting data. For example a keyboard or a mouse is an input device, whereas a speaker or a monitor is an output device. A new form of input thatexploded in the early to mid-2000s is the touch screen.

These are found on manydevices in the modern day, turning the screen into both an input and an output.Theimpact of social media and internet on education and businessThe internet and morespecifically social media have had a profound effect on businesses andeducation, some positive and some negative. Businesses, customers and studentsall have cheaper more convenient access to information, making it easier toadvertise, study and buy goods online. All of society is able to communicatequicker and with greater ease than ever before, leading to greater data sharingand more opportunities for all but also resulting in cyberbullying and peoplefeeling like they cannot escape from everything that is going on. The abilityto buy and sell goods online allows businesses and customers to save money and time,but often at the cost of jobs.                                                                                                                                                      Positive Negative Instant communication anywhere Cyberbullying, Lack of privacy Online advertising Smaller businesses miss out Online degrees and courses Lack of social interaction, experience Online shopping Unemployment , Outsourcing Banking and accounts online Identity theft, hacking, fraud Plentiful entertainment Distraction from more important things      Whatshould a good policy entail?When it comes to writingsocial media and internet policies, be it for the workplace or for aneducational environment, it is most important to ensure that all staff andstudents have protections against online abuses and harassment and that anyinfringements be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

A policy of inclusivityshould be implemented for online situations that regard the workplace or theclassroom so as not to have any students or employees feel excluded. It shouldalso be included in the policy that phones and other electronic devices berestricted from use at times when concentration is require e.g.

in theclassroom, at the work desk or when carrying out unsafe work , such as workingwith dangerous materials or heavy equipment. In some situations it may benecessary to have zones off limits to phones and other media devices.      ResearchTo research thisessay I made extensive use of the internet and various web pages relating tothe subject at hand. I also spoke with a full time educational professionalabout cyberbullying and the dangers of the internet and social media in theclassroom and in the workplace.

Before I had researched this essay I had notfully known the extent of the technological advancement the world hasexperienced over the last 20 years and I found it to be enlightening andeducational


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