INTRODUCTION: country of choice to pursue my


Sweety Maheshkumar Patel has done 4 years of bachelor in dental surgery at
Karnavati School of dentistry from Gujarat University, India. I am willing to
take my master studies from Canada to be class specialist in the field of
Global health and Human service administration.

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from a country like India, education has always been of prime importance to me.
Having completed my Secondary School Exam S.S.E in 2009 with distinction, I
pursued the science stream higher school Examination H.S.E in 2011 from
M.B.Patel Gyanjyot high school. My interest in dentistry sparked then and I set
out to pursue my education in my field of choice by gaining admission in the
Karnavati School of Dentistry for Bachelor of Dental Surgery.



researching countries according to various criteria such as educational quality
and internationally recognized degrees, cost effectiveness, safe destination
for study and a multicultural Environment I zeroed in on Canada as my
destination of choice. Canada stands as most favorite destination of studies
for international but students. Its education is world recognized and ahead
from any other countries. Education there puts emphasis on practical and case
study base education rather than theoretical study. Thus, it will be a great
learning experience as I will not only get international exposure during the
study but also with high educational standards and qualified professors. For
me, this was one of the most important reasons for zeroing in Canada as my
country of choice to pursue my higher studies. It should be also mentioned,
that corruption perception index ranks Canada in the top 10 least corrupt
countries in the world, more over tranquility and serenity of country with less
pollution raise the high quality lifestyle. Last but not least as my brother is
in Canada on Permanent Residency, I will be more comfortable for any situation
in need for support.



Behind every successful hospital or medical
practices are the health care administrations which keep things running. Health
care administrators are responsible for overseeing areas such as overseeing
day-to-day activities on reception, meeting and greeting patients, assess
patients needs to determine appropriate care, patient bookings, liasioning with
surgeons or doctors if required, data entry, invoicing and general
administration. Health-care administration offers daily opportunities to make a
difference in hospital service quality and patient care through improve
innovation, strategy, operations and effectiveness in today’s agile global
business. During my Practical Camps in
Bachelor of dental surgery as a student in villages, Hospitals I found many
things incorrect which can be improved or corrected by administrator to provide
better patient service. I did come up with a thought to learn the same as In India but such options are not available, also in Canada
I Found only One University Which has such course as per my requirement so I
have taken the decision to pursue a Master Administrative Science specialize in
Global Health & Human Services administration. 

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