INTRODUCTION perception about their physical self. Adolescence is

Issues related to body image continuously increases especially in adolescence. Body image is one’s perception about their physical self. Adolescence is a stage of an individual wherein you go through puberty or the transition of being a child to an adult. Studies have said that adolescence portrays a critical time in body image development due to physical changes occurring at this time. Adolescent tends to think negatively about their body and an unhealthy way of perceiving one’s body can lead to depression, low self-esteem and low social functioning. Furthermore, body image is also associated with eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Purging disorder. In contrast to this study it is believed that the link between body image issues and disordered eating behaviours, are complicated and does not represent a direct or, linear relationship Also, in a previous studies, it is said that one of the factors of an adolescent having body image issues is because of their own social environment seeing as peer pressure and body shaming can heavily affect an adolescent’s view of their own body. In some articles it is said that the media plays a huge role in the development of adolescent’s perception of body image. Adolescents, especially female ones are more likely to be pressured because of what they see and read in televisions, magazines, and articles.
There are differences on how men and women view their own body. In some studies it is said that unhealthy body image is more noticeable in women rather than in men, but some researchers claim that women are simply exposed to more social situations that make them feel dissatisfied with their bodies, so the numbers reflect that women are more dissatisfied than men (Brennan, Lalonde, & Bain 2010). This explains why female body image is so more known rather than those of males with body image issues.

The significance of this study is to raise awareness to the people about adolescent who suffer from this type of illness for, this will able us to help and understand what they are going through. This paper focuses in knowing the adolescent perception of body image particularly in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines. This research would also like to recommend on investigating more concepts that can affect body images in adolescence and to explore more age span like mother’s whose just gave birth to a child and can be currently experiencing body image issues. To further researchers this paper can be a reference point for topics related to body images.

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This paper aims to mainly analyse the teen-agers perception of body image and wants to answer some following questions:

1. To determine the awareness of the adolescence when it comes to the issues related with body image.

2. To determine ways on how to cope up with body image issues.

3. To find out solutions pertaining to body image issues that can help individuals who’s going thru this pace.

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