INTRODUCTION Sample B were analyze using Biuret

Proteins are large complex molecules made up of amino acids and they play vital roles in the cells and also our bodies. For example, the enzymes and many structural components of cell are mainly proteins. So, in this experiment, we will conduct on how to extract proteins from the sample of bacteria and then analyze the concentration of the proteins using Biuret reagent. Firstly, a colony of bacteria A was transferred into the broth of Luria-Bertani called Sample A while a colony of bacteria B was transferred into the same broth but added with the Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) is the Sample B. Sample A was used to analyze the concentration of protein in the cells. So after the incubation Sample A was treated with 2mL NaoH and boiled to lyse the bacteria cells so that the protein inside the bacteria can be extracted and analyzed. On the other hand, Sample B was used to determine the concentration of enzymes released by the bacteria to digest the EFB. Both the concentration of extraction from Sample A and Sample B were analyze using Biuret reagent. The UV/Vis spectrophotometer will give the absorbance values of the protein extracts. So, the concentration of proteins can be determined by extrapolating the standard curve of BSA or calculate the concentration using the equation of that standard curve.

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