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Last updated: May 28, 2019

Introduction Being part to the universal brings threats and chances. Nationalsecurity is concerned  about both.

It isin a general sense about keeping Somalia from hurt. In the meantime, ournational security exercises should distinguish and benefit as much as possiblefrom new opportunities for our country. Geographically Somalia is located hornof Africa or East Africa which surrounded by an increasingly severe securitysituation and confronted by complex and grave national security challenges.

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Based on the lessons we have learned on operations in recent yearsand our analysis of security developments, we will adapt our national securitytools and make new demands on the armed forces as part of a whole-of-governmentapproach in order to defend against threats to our security both at home and ingeographically distant regions. Maintaining the peace and security of Somaliaand ensuring its survival are the primary responsibility of the country.Somalia needs to identify its national interest at this present time 2046 andthe future. The strategy first elaborates on Somali’s peaceful orientations tothe policy of proactive contribution to peace based on the principles ofinternational cooperation, examines its national interest and identifies itsnational security objectives, moreover, the strategy identifies national security  with diplomatic and defense policies at theircore, based on recognition that order to overcome the challenges and achieveits objectives. Somalia needs to effectively utilize its diverse resources andpromote comprehensive measures strengthen the domestic foundation for nationalsecurity and seek deeper understanding both at home and abroad advance effortsat various level in a multifaceted and coordinated manner Set of social value  Faced with emerging modern challenges, we must be prepared to adaptand act.

Australia’s current national security arrangements provide a surefoundation, with strong, connected footings in diplomacy, defence, development,border protection, law enforcement, and intelligence. Our arrangements arebroad based too, with the Government working closely with the states andterritories, business and the community. Protectingthe Territories  TheGovernment’s most important duty is the defence of the UK and OverseasTerritories, and protection of our people and sovereignty.

4.5 We will tackle all threats to the UK, our people and ourinterests. The UK will remain resilient to, and a hostile environment for,those who intend us harm, whether they are state-based or non-state actors suchas terrorists and criminals, and we will coordinate all levers of nationalpower so that the sum of our efforts is greater than the constituent parts. The collective defence andcooperative security provided by our membership of NATO further enhances thecredibility of our deterrence.

We will also work with our key allies across theworld to multiply the effects of our own determined approach and increase ourcollective security. In NATO, we will lead a renewedfocus on deterrence to address current and future threats, and to ensure that our potential adversaries are inno doubt about the range of responses they should expect to any aggressiveaction on their part. Oursovereignty4.13We will use all of our capabilities to defend our sovereignty and territorialintegrity, and our Armed Forces are ready to use force when required. We arealso protected through our membership of NATO. Article 5 of the North AtlanticTreaty states that an armed attack against one state shall be considered anattack on all.

  Weare strengthening our Armed Forces so that they remain the most capable inEurope, are able to project our power globally, and fight and work alongsideour close allies to deter or defeat our adversaries. We remain ready andwilling to use armed force when necessary to protect our national interests.  


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