Introduction Retention is defined as the condition

Students are entering the college just because it is something that happens spontaneously after finishing their high school study, which will then lead to the student’s withdrawal from the university. Most students enter university after graduating without ambition, this causes students to withdraw
Importance: helps students to decide wisely OR convince people that leaving college does not limit their abilities.
Central thesis is that dropping out of college determines if individuals succeed or not.
In this outline, I convince people that withdrawal is not related to success levels.
key terms relevant to the topic:
Withdraw is defined as the remove or take away (something) from a particular place or position.
Retention is defined as the condition of retaining (keeping) something.
De-personalized learning environment may be defined as the learning environment that lacks the contact between the students and teachers.
Non-cognitive skills is defined as the skills that are not connected with thinking or conscious mental processes.

Key idea:
Historical and current context and situation:
University attainment was higher for males. But now it is in favor of females1.
Males dropout rates increases when we control some factors, like: family background, abilities and non cognitive skills, etc.. 1.
Educated parents give more time to their adolescents1.
( the role of family background is significantly reduced when the personal characteristics are included in the regression )1 PARAPHRASE IT..
( confidence only reduces dropout among boys , while informed beliefs about the labor market and conscientiousness only reduce dropout among girls) 1 PARAPHRASE IT..
(students problems if not addressed adequately by campus management it will lead to a significant decrease in student retention) 2. PARAPHRASE IT..
(in 2009 the reasons behind dropping put was the conflict of interest between school, job, and family)2. PARAPHRASE IT..
(in 2005, in Texas dropout rate were 79% where only 29% graduated. But over the earlier years, in the use 38% did graduated which is an improvement) 2 PARAPHRASE IT..

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