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Last updated: May 6, 2019

IntroductionIn thisparticular assignment, Rumah Tempe Indonesia (RTI) is the chosen Indonesianproduct to be introduced to Canada.

RTI is a known soy product company inBogor, West Java, Indonesia. They have been focusing on the development of soybased products or mostly known as ‘Tempe’for the local customers for roughly 6 years ( established in June 2012). Everysingle company has their own missions, with thath being said, RTI have 3 mainobjectives that need to be accomplished.

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Firstly is to be a leading innovativecompany for the development of creating a hygiene and top quality tempe.Secondly, to be a leading soy product company in Indonesia. Lastly is to be aleading company in selingl and providing several food products with tempe astheir main ingredient. RTI are also concerned by the fact that most of theIndonesian citizen are not wealth enough. Therefore RTI have been commiting toput the price of their products as low as possible to gain more popularity andbuyers. The reason why Canada is the chosen country for the exporting, it’s dueto the fact that the majority of the Canadian people favor the IndonesianCuisine. According to the 2016 SWOT analysis, Canada has the advantage inwelcoming entrepreneurs.

This is supported by the fact that Canadian governmentfeel more comfortable and confident in building small businesses. For theweaknesses of the analysis, the Canadian Dollar has been fluctuating constantlyand the Canadian market is still dependent to the US market. The outcome ofthis research would be RTI can be suitable and developed in Canada as the entrepreneurcareer is promising.   MethodsIn thisresearch there are two main methods which are researching through the internetand having an ‘Q&A’ session with the head officer of RTI via e-mail.

Bothmethods are proven to be the most suitable ways as the RTI has the officialwebsite online and we can get more information further from the getting theactual anwers from the manager. The reason why the Q session is conductedthrough online other than having a real interview with the main authority fromRTI is to make the research easier. To be more specific, there are 3 mainwebsite that were used during the research, the first one is the officialwebsite of RTI, the second one is the PEST and SWOT analysis of Canada in 2017or a few years behind, and for the last one is to seek for the company whichhave succesfully introduced Indonesian cuisine in Canada.


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