Introduction interview, we had learned about how we

The purpose of conducting this interview is improving our communicating skills in public and listening skills when we communicate with others people. Our title for this interview is the impressions and opinions of tourists about Labuan. During the interview, we had learned about how we can communicate with the interviewees in a proper ways and how to conducting an interview fluently. We also learned many skills and techniques during this interview no matter is using the oral or visual cues to our interviewees. To conducting this interview, we had done a lot of preparation from selective the interview questions, location and background of the interviewees. We had develop clear and relevant questions to our assignment’s objective.
We are conducting this interview in Palm Beach Resort. As we know that Palm Beach Resort is a good and reliable vacation place for tourists therefore we are selecting this location to conduct our interview. We meet the interviewees in Restaurant Palm Beach Resort therefore we are interviewing two tourists in Palm Beach Resort. We almost take two hours to taking this interview and we are preparing some interview questions to the tourists. Before we conduct the interview, we will ask the permission from interviewees as they agree to have this interview then we start the interview.
One of the interviewee is a foreigner and he came from Australia, and he is taking a short vacation in Labuan with his family. The second interviewee is a Malaysian and he is from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. He came to Labuan to meet his friends in Labuan and visited the old places because he was stayed in Labuan for 3 years during his army camp. We select these two interviewee since they are come from different countries, background, and culture so we think they can provide us different opinions and information.
Body of the interview
Dialog between our group member Lee Sin Yan and Mr. George
Interviewer- Lee Sin Yan (Lee)
Interviewee- Mr. George

Lee (Q) : Hello, Good evening. My name is Lee Sin Yan and I am from University Malaysia Sabah Labuan International Campus. I would like to conduct an interview with tourist to ask their impression and opinions about Labuan. First of all, May I know your name, age and the country that you come from?
Mr. George (A) : Hi, my name is George and I am 41 years old. I come from Australia.
Lee (Q) : Well, what is the reasons for you to visit in Labuan?
Mr. George (A) : Basically, I came here for a short vacation with my family. There are a lot of attractive place such as Peace Park and The Chimney Museum. Besides, the traffic in here is light and people mostly are friendly.
Lee (Q) : Have you been to the Labuan before?
Mr. George (A) : No, this is my first time.
Lee (Q) : This is your first time. So why do you plan to travel at this time?
Mr. George (A) : Because my children was in holiday and I never been here before. That’s why I bring along with my family here to enjoy the relaxing lifestyle and let them take a rest.
Lee (Q) : Could you tell me the place that you have visited and which places are you planning to visit with your family?
Mr. George (A) : Actually I had visit a lot of place such as Chimney, War Memorial and Labuan Botanical Garden yesterday. Today I am going to Marine Museum, Labuan Bird Park, Financial Park Complex and somewhere else.
Lee (Q) : Do you have any interesting experience in Labuan?
Mr. George (A) : It’s the best place to hang out with family because the lifestyle here is different with city when compare with my country. Labuan is clean compare to others place in Asia and people here are friendly. Labuan is not so big and it is safer than others place.
Lee (Q) : Do you think Labuan is a best place for you to travel?
Mr. George (A) : In general, it is a very good place to travel and shopping because Labuan here is duty free as well just like Langkawi.
Lee (Q) : Would you visit again in Labuan?
Mr. George (A) : Yup. If I come to Borneo of Sabah, I probably will come here and visit again.
Lee (Q) : What is your favourite food in Labuan?
Mr. George (A) : That is hard question for me. Alright, there are a lot of Malay food, Chinese food and Western food.
Lee (Q) : You are right because Malaysia is a multiracial country so there are a lot of different type of foods.
Mr. George (A) : Yes. The Malay food and Chinese food is good but the Western food is not that good maybe they did not try the real Western food in Western country before. Alright, I love Nasi Lemak and Kolo mee.
Lee (Q) : How much do you think that you will spent in Labuan during your travelling time?
Mr. George (A) : I think I probably spent 1600 Australian dollar which equal to almost 5000 Ringgit Malaysia.
Lee (Q) : Alright, our interview is come to the end and thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us. Hope to see you next time.
Mr. George (A) : You are welcome.
Dialog between our group member Wang Yi Yan and Mr. Tan Toi Heng
Interviewer- Wang Yi Yan (Wang)
Interviewee- Mr. Tan Toi Heng (Mr. Tan)

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Wang (Q) : Hello uncle, my name is Wang Yi Yan and I am from UMSKAL. I would like to conduct an interview with you about the impression of Labuan. Let us start the interview with introduce yourself.
Mr. Tan (A) : Hi, my name is Tan Toi Heng and I am now 72 years old. I am from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Wang (Q) : Could you please tell me the reason for you to visit in Labuan?
Mr. Tan (A) : Because in 1990, I was here for 3 years. So I got a lot of friends in Labuan. The first things that I come here for visiting my friends and the old places. I am working as an army last time so I come back to see the camp but I found that the camp was changing a lot and all my army friends no more there, except the friends who stay in town.
Wang (Q) : So you come here for gathering with your friend?
Mr. Tan (A) : Yup, Correct. My friends is local so they still here since 1990.
Wang (Q) : Which places are you planning to visit in Labuan beside visit your friends?
Mr. Tan (A) : In 1990, when I was here, the place was informal and a lot of place was not develop yet. But now a lot of things develop already so my friends bring me to visit Marine Museum, the temple, beach especially this Palm Beach. This beach probably don’t have during last time and that time is still a jungle so I come down here and I found it is very nice and attractive.
Wang (Q) : It is a big change in Labuan when compare to 1990. Can you tell me how much do you think you will spent in Labuan?
Mr. Tan (A) : I think around 2000 plus because I came with my wife so both of us spent around RM2000.
Wang (Q) : May I know RM 2000 for how many days?
Mr. Tan (A) : 3 night 4 days. Because a lot of my friends here sponsor me for lunch and dinner. So I spent less.
Wang (Q) : Alright, may I know what are your favorites food in Labuan?
Mr. Tan (A) : Actually I don’t found any favorite food here because West Malaysia still a lot of food better than here. Only the seafood in Labuan is fresher than West Malaysia.
Wang (Q) : Have you try the Kolo Mee before?
Mr. Tan (A) : Yup, it is a normal food for me. Labuan is a free tax places so only the wine, beer and chocolate is cheaper. Others than that, all the things are quite expensive especially the restaurant here.
Wang (Q) : Do you have any interesting experience in Labuan since you had been here before?
Mr. Tan (A) : Actually I come back to see the places only because I am an army during last time then I came back here see a lot of changing and I am looking for my friends. There is the main point for me to visit here.
Wang (Q) : Do you have any improvement suggestion for Labuan?
Mr. Tan (A) : I have no any suggestions because we are not in this line so we have no such that comments on this point. Because they have their own experts for develop the town and this islands so we are consider as an outsider and we are not in this line. Therefore, we just look and see.
Wang (Q) : Do you think that Labuan can have a good development?
Mr. Tan (A) : Yup, we hope that Labuan can getting better just like Singapore especially the finance industry can getting better and better.
Wang (Q) : We hope so. May I know would you visit here again?
Mr. Tan (A) : Sure. My friends here ask me come back again and stay more day.
Wang (Q) : That’s all from me. Thank you very much.
Mr. Tan (A) : Thank you.
During conducting this interview, the interviewees are very nice and friendly. They were sharing their first impression about Labuan and personal experiences during their vacation in Labuan. From this interview, both of them very enjoyed their vacation in Labuan and seem that they will visit Labuan again. We as interviewer also get many information from the interviewees about Labuan. We had learn many techniques for how to present a good interview and hope that these techniques and experiences can use in our future career.
When we were conducting this interview we were facing some problems for example, many tourists were not in accordance with our requirement because they came to Labuan only stayed for few hours and they had nothing information and knowledge about Labuan. Another weaknesses was some of the tourists rejected our interview that we found in Labuan Airport because they wanted to rush to their flight. Besides that, one of the tourist do not know how to speak in English therefore he was not suitable became our target interviewee. Through this interview, we received many information and messages that delivering from the interviewees. For example, our communication skills getting better and fluently during the interviewing instead of do presentation in class. In addition, both of the interviewees were willing come to Labuan for their next vacation because they said Labuan is a peaceful places and people in Labuan also very friendly and felling thankful to both of the interviewees willing sharing their stories with us.
Based on the interview between foreign traveler (Mr. George) and Lee Sin Yan (Lee), one of the strengths that our group member Lee had is use language effectively, simple and straight forward to the points. Lee just use only 10 minutes, already completely in control the foreign traveler reason on coming to Labuan and find out the travel line of the foreigner traveler in Labuan even know the interest of the foreign traveler to the Labuan. In usual daily life especially, we all were pursuit on the time, rushing on the time and trying to save the time or reduce unnecessary steps during doing work or communication. So, Lee’s effective communication skills had let Mr. George feel interested and save each other’s time to progress on next activities. In short, our group members had done very successfully and smoothly communication with the foreign traveler by conduct our interview.
However, there are some weaknesses for this interview, it is because everyone have their own weakness, although she has tried her very best to communicate to the foreign traveler. However, she does have the weakness. For example, Lee cannot pronounce English accurately. Accurate pronunciation is very important in communication. Because that may let someone confusing on the points. On the other hand, we should proud of her as she has tried her very best to communicate with the foreign traveler. In short, we should try to improve our English communication skills to ensure that we can communicate well with others without bringing any confuse to them.
Others than that, the interviews were well-conducted by our members with Mr. Tan Toi Heng. We express our warm gratitude to him for the cooperation during the interview. Post-interview report has been written to determine the strengths and weaknesses during the interview for further improvement in our interview skills. The strength of the interview conducted with Mr. Tan Toi Heng is that the conversations are well-organized by preparing the best questions, confident from the interviewer, listen to the interviewees, and making them relaxed while being interviewed. The questions prepared for the interview are short and simple for interviewees to understand and of course to be answered. The questions also involved in asking their personal experience and interest to gain their mood to enjoy the interview.
Confident also one of the important parts to make the interview success. A confident smile expressed from interviewer will make the interviewee be calm and relaxed to answer the questions given. A strained look from interviewer will give negative effect to the interview and the worst, getting rejected to the interview. Listen to the interviewees is the key element to extend or make the interview moved on. Listen and express your feeling to the answer given from the interviewees then choose another question depends on the answer given. For example, Mr. Tan was being asked why and then where he will be in Labuan besides visiting his friends.
In a nutshell, throughout the interview of the tourists, we have known that Labuan is an island that full with peaceful and tax-free place. The two interviewees have different background and come from different country. But both are them have the same purpose which is visit in the Labuan. When interview the Mr. George, he is a man that very friendly and Mr. Tan is a man that very vigorous although he was 72 years old. It is a really good experience for conducting an interview with the tourists. Before conduct the interview, it is really hard, feel fear and nervous to communicate with the tourists. During the interview, the feeling of nervous still hover. This is because we lack of the experience in communicate with foreigner and afraid we do not understand what they are trying to say. After conduct the interview, we can realize that what are the strengths and weakness of self in the communication. Although we are not good enough in English, but we have the courage to keep trying to communicate and understand what they are trying to express. Language is the way that we can use to communicate and from there, we can find out more about the people through the language. English are not the mother language of us and also less use in daily life. When there are not good enough in English, we need to put more effort to let it become better. Practice and practice is the best and effective way that we can use. Practice make perfect, there is no doubt. When the weakness become strengthen, it will let us become more confidence and there are no barrier when we communicate with foreigner.

In conclusion, the interview’s questions is all about their impression and the opinion to the Labuan. From the first interview between our group member Lee Sin Yan and Mr. George, we found that Mr. George was bringing his family to Labuan for the first time. However, our second interviewee Mr. Tan was coming back Labuan to visit his friends.
Through the interview, the interviewees has given the well co-operation for answering the question that we asked and give some opinions and suggestions to the Labuan. During the interview, it is a good opportunity for us to improve the communication skills and listening skills when we communicate with others people.
Although the relevant questions that we asked to the interviewees are simple, but from these simple questions we can get to know how the capable of us in communication skills and listening skills while the interviewees answering the questions. We have learn a lot of knowledge and gain a valuable experience when conducted the interview to the tourists. From that, we can face up the strengths and weakness of self and let the weakness become strengths and the strengths become strengthen.

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