INTRODUCTION Computer technology helps to facilitate humans affairs

The speed of technology has resulted in various types of tools and new inventions being created and explored by humans. The advancement of this technology has benefited greatly and led to the development and development of the domestic and foreign media industries. The technological developments that have taken place over the last decades have greatly changed the environment of the book publishing industry (Hesmondhalgh, 2013; Hetherington, 2014;
72 Jung, Chan-Olmsted, Park, & Kim, 2012; Thompson, 2005, 2012). From content formats, to book production processes, which involve editing, designing, printing and distribution, almost all have changed towards computer and digital (Kulesz, 2011; Thompson, 2012). Existence of e-books as an example, has caused the process of reading, purchasing and storing books more easily. As a result, in some developed countries, reading through e-books is evolving and the existence of electronic devices such as smartphones and dedicated devices for reading has also significantly influenced one’s desire to read (Bain ; Company, 2011).

The impact of technology development toward book publishing industry
Technology plays an enormous role in influencing business and economics for a media organization. the developments and advances brought about by technology greatly influence changes in the media industry such as books, music, newspapers and television. Among the magnitude of the technology seen by the change is the rapid pace of computer technology and the rapid development of Internet technology. The rapidity of computer technology provides many benefits covering many aspects. Computer technology helps to facilitate humans affairs whether it is related to work or communication.
Feather (2008) states that computer creation is closely related to ‘scientific curiosity’ and also for military purposes during the Second World War. However, after World War II, computer technology grew rapidly and its impact, around the 1980s and 1990s, computers became an important technology for the community, whether used for work purposes or for personal use. Further more, the rapid development of Internet technology is still use until now. The Internet has a variety of sites built by previous experts for the convenience of users to find the information they need.

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The existence of a technology called this internet helps bring about changes in human life. Until now, Internet is the most important channel for dissemination of information as well as widely used for commercial and non-commercial activities. Technological advances have also led to the development of the book publishing industry. In the context of book content, since about 500 years ago, printed books were produced using paper, tie, and glue. In that way the book has become the main medium of content delivery (Thompson,2012).

However, with today’s increasingly advanced technology has created a new creation known as the e-book. The existence of e-books, has led to easier reading, purchasing and storage of books. As a result, in some developed countries, reading through e-books is evolving and the existence of electronic devices such as smartphones and dedicated devices for reading also has a lot to affect a person’s desire to read (Bain ; Company, 2011). The existence of this e-book not only gives the reader a favor, but also benefits the book publishers. Among the advantages gained are such as reduced printing costs, bookstore storage and also the cost of book distribution need not be considered.

The impact of technology development toward creative industry
The rapidly growing technology has led to the advancement in television usage. What we can see is television in the past only uses black and white only and has only one broadcast. nowadays with state-of-the-art technology, television broadcasting already has a colour and has a range of watchable broadcasts. Next, the advanced technology that has been created is CGI.
CGI stands for computer generated image. 3D computer graphic are used to capture special effects in movies, commercials, as well as print media such as magazines and newspapers. Before this 3D technology, 2D technology was used, but this 2D technology did not give the best quality to the film. Through the term of CGI is most commonly used to refer to 3D computer graphics used to creating scenes on special effects in films and television .

In Malaysia companies using CGI special effects are Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and Perbadanan Pembangunan Multimedia (MDEC). The company has become a platform to the domestic industry to expand its product market to the global marketplace. One of the products they have produced is “Upin dan Ipin” animation. These animations are the best animations they have created. But it was also the other malay film that use CGI effects which is Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Pulang, Zombie Kampung Pisang and Nangkung Movie by KRU Studios.
Meanwhile, at the other countries abroad it can be said that all companies have sophisticated technology compared to Malaysia. Among the companies we often hear was Pixar Animation Studio and Walt Disney.They really good in CGI technique. As a result of the collaboration of these two companies they have produced a toy story movie and a frozen movie. The other movies that also used CGI effects such as Shrek, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and so on.
Finally the CGI effect is not only used in movies but it is also used in static images and landscapes, architectural scenes, and also anatomical models.

The impact of technology development toward music.

Music is also one of media content.. In the past, music could not be created due to the limited use of technology. Before technology is growing rapidly, music cannot be channeled through existing media.. But when technology is growing, channel for music has been created through radio. Through radio users can listen to various types of songs from different types of broadcasts. In the 21st century, the music is no longer just heard but can be seen. Why I say so?. This is because technology has created a huge channel called Youtube. Through Youtube we can see the essence of the music itself to be delivered or better known as music video. With youtube, users can only search the songs they want to hear by just typing
The development of technology nowadays also make our industry music can grow much better. In ancient times, music recordings were only played using black bamboo and cassettes. Techniques used for recording music are by using analog systems and digital systems. Analog systems are used starting in the 60s. Recording technology in Malaysia is expanding where the use of digital recording systems is increasingly widespread and the use of analog cables
lesser . The scenario of technology development in Malaysia’s music recording industry provides the opportunity for Malaysian music to continue diversify genres and give music bands or music opportunities to grow their music.

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