Introduction: 2nd chapter of international Relations. This


            Joshua S.
Goldsteindefined realist theories in 2nd chapter of international
Relations. This chapter is very essential for the student of International
Relation. These theories are defined in a very easy way. In this chapter he
explained three things which have very important factors in the field of
international relations which are Realism, Power, and the international system.
In realism it discussed the idealism, history and function of realism how
realism has worked and how it is working in today world. Joshua discussed power
in a new sceneand explains how power is important between world and measure
power of the state and he told about GDPA how power GDP is defined on power.
Furthermore, he divided power in many parts and explained them individually
which are balance of power, great power, and middle power.

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            The reason
I chose this topic for review of this book is because I wanted to clear out
that this book has clearly and easily explained Realism as topic and power as
sub topic. My concern is to highlight the pros and cons because this was
interesting and it has very positive impact in today world. We have a lot of
example of realism and realist in front of eyes.

Executive Summary:

            Joshua S.
Goldsteinsays that without realism there is no theory that discusses
international interaction between the nations. Hesays that realism is a theory
that tells IR relating power. Joshua S. Goldsteindefined realism in very
conceptual way he differentiate betweenidealism and realism and then he gave
the example and after that he explain some thinker of realism and defined power
and furthermore.  This chapter will argue
that realism and its main principles can be useful in understanding the concept
of realism and we can predict who current events of realism in international
relations are. Iran holds the potential to alter the balance of power in the
international system if it acquires nuclear weapons. Realism is basically an
idea and a theory that has a lot of important in international relation as we
know realism is and approach to the study and practice of international
politics and it emphasize the role of the nation- state and makes a broad
assumption that a nation-state are concerned on national interest by the way
realism is widely regarded as the most influential theoretical tradition in
international relation. This can be understood, using realist principles, as
Iran pursuing its own self-interest. Realism can also shed light on the lack of
intervention in the Syrian uprising (a revolution sparked by the on-going
phenomena of the Arab Spring. These two examples will be used throughout this
book, to highlight the usefulness of realist theory in understanding it.

            In this
same chapter writer more emphasize on the concept of power which is the part of
realism. I agree with the concept of power is more important because the title
of this chapter is realism and realism is actually based on the concept of
power. According to Joshua, power is that you have done those works for state
which other neighboring states has not done so far. According to Joshua, power
is that other state fears from you and you are suitable with your condition and
do not have any problem from other. Furthermore it is divided into three parts.

            Power of a
state is a mixture of many ingredients. This mixture includes total GDP,
population, territory, geography, and natural resource. Because it tells us
population and income per person with highly economy a state can a large army
and weapon and become good alien with the other countries and state of the
world. Writer gave a very good example of Libya revolutionary then briefed us
that NATO and role of USA in the book.

            Joshua said
balance of power is very important to be stable around and from your neighbor.
Balance of power is very important for state should have equal power I think in
the chapter Goldstein explained balance of power very well by comparing realism
with balance of power. Realism balance of power plays a vital role the whole
realism works through this and state make their strategy how to compete each
other and make balance of power. (chapter 2 of Goldstein book page no 46) he explained
The term balance of power refers to the general concept of one or more state
power is being used to balance that of another state or group of state .
Balance of power can refer to any ratio of power of power capability between
state and alliance or it can mean only a relatively equal ratio. According to
this book theory of balance of power argue that such counterbalance occur
regularly and maintain the stability of the international system. I also agree
on his this argument that in present world we can see that every country is
doing his best to balance the power of his country from his enemy or his
neighbor they think their by balancing her power the rest of his enemy would be
afraid from her then she can survive herself or her sovereignty. There is a lot
difference of great power and middle power. Some states which are most powerful
state in the world called great power. They have world strongest military
power, GDP, economy, and technology and many other things.

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