INTRODUCTION: inflammation of joints. OA is the most


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a most common type of arthritis is also called as degenerative arthritis or degenerative joint disease. Arthritis is a general term that means inflammation of joints. OA is the most common joint disease, and it is one of the most frequently occurring health problems for middle-aged and older people are seen almost especially among older age, affecting about 50% of those over 65 years of age and almost all individuals over age 75 years.

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Osteoarthritis primarily affects the weight-bearing joints of the axial and peripheral skeleton, having pain, restriction of motion, deformity, progressive disability and diminished tone of liveliness. It is characterized by progressive decline in quality and loss of articular cartilage and by reactive bone changes at the margins of joints and it covers the ends of bones… In osteoarthritis, there is a risk of damage to the knee, in a majority of the cases, knee problem is most common results in loss of cartilage and remodeling of subarticular bone, osteophyte formation, ligament laxity, synovial inflammation and damage to particular bones is higher, the most common symptoms are joint pain, stiffness, limitation of movement, Grating sensation, Bone spurs, loss of flexibility, Tenderness.

          Quality of life is an important consideration in medical care. Some medical treatments can seriously impair quality of life without providing appreciable benefit; whereas others greatly enhance the quality of life. The questionnaire form for the quality of life was obtained from the short-form (SF-36) health survey website, with only 36 questions used as a multi-purpose of the health survey. The short- form (SF-36) the health survey was developed by Ware, Snow, Kosinski, & Gandek, in 1993. Version 2.0 Short form -36 (SF-36v2, by Ware et al., 2000; Ware & Kosinski, 2001; Ware et al., 2003) questionnaire was adopted to assess the quality of life in arthritis patients with treatment

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