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IntroductionWhatis honesty? Many think honesty means you “don’t tell a lie”– andthat is definitely part of being honest. But honesty means more than not lying.A more complete definition of honesty shows that an honest person doesn’t dothings that are morally wrong. If somewhat you do is violate the law or if youhave to hide what you are doing because you’ll get in anxiety, you are probablynot being honest. So honesty is about acting and talking truthfully. Let’s lookat what each type of honesty is.

Definitionof honestyFromeach aspect, definition of honesty is different, but general meaning both ofthem are explaning the same subject What you sayThe first part ofhonesty is about what you say – Honesty is speaking the truth. Saying thingsthat aren’t true, or that you think might not be true, or that you are makingup to hide the truth are all types of lies. Lying is not honest (also calledbeing dishonest) because you are saying something that isn’t true. Examples of what speaking the honest truth means: ·   You are not being honest if youshare rumors someone else made up or if you make up gossips about somebody. Honestymeans you say nothings about people that aren’t really correct.·   You are not being honest if youreject you did something bad or wrong when you really did it.

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Being honest fundsyou confess to your behavior, even if you’ll get in anxiety. ·   Honesty means you clarify how circumstancesreally happened. You are not being honest if you say something take placed in oneway when it really happened in another manner.How you actWhat is honesty?Honesty is about in a way that how you perform – When you do somewhat you knowis morally incorrect, or when you shouldhide your engagements because you know they are not true, you are not beinghonest. Being honest means you act in a way that you know is the right thing todo.

(how to know “right” from “wrong “and More about good charm, morals.)2This part of the definition of honesty containsnot hiding the truth (lying), not breaking rules to expand a benefit(cheating), and not taking something that isn’t yours (stealing) and any other actthat would be hidden by you, because of against what you ponder morallyright. For most of thebusinessmen, when things start to go wrong in the commercial, and all isnot running the manner it should be, it is almost instinctive to keep theircustomers in the dark. The general misconception is when you reveal withyour clienteles, they may think of the errors as symbols of dimness andopt to go somewhere else.  In a fact, this is really not the case.Customers really appreciate honesty, and more often than not, businesseswho remain honest are rewarded for it.

 Reasons why companies stay honest with customers.Hereare 5 brilliant reasons why you should endure to keep honesty with yourcustomers.3Honesty creates trust When you are in anhonest relationship with your customers, you instantaneously commence tocreate a relationship of trust with them. So many people upsurge in valuebusinesses for telling it like it is. The rapport that you createwith your customers in this example will do well to safe future arelationship. Of course, customers will always want to come back to thebusiness that they believe. They will feel like you are not going tomislead them, or are just out there to make a profit off them! Word of your honesty is bound to get aroundWhenyou have an honest knowledge with your consumer, it becomes meaningful forthem too. You may not recognize it, but your customers can be yourbest source for announcement.

Unsurprisingly, they will tell their family and friendsabout it. This is really the uppermost form of reference – a positive experience-and can definitely bring in more customers. Honesty kills impatience and breeds understandingLet’sassume that you’re in the service commerce, like a cafe, and a customer’sorder takes longer time than typical. If you pretend that zero worrieswith a situation, your clienteles will continue to be in the dark and wonderthe reason for the deprived service.

They may begin to think the wickedest-that you were not doing right your job! When you are frank, and tell themthe real reason why the foods take long to service, then you open thedoor for compassion and sympathetic. Annoyance and impatiently immediatelyflies out of your brain! Honesty creates willingness to provide feedbackYouwon’t have a trouble to request for feedback on how to make the serviceyou deliver them better, as they can be calculated on to frankly tell youthe best ways you can improve when you are honest with your consumers,you can count on them to be honest back.  Honesty creates an all-around positive working environmentEmployees willalso exercise honesty with your customers and with each other, makingtransparency in the business and their transactions with you. Whenyour employees see the measures that you take to stay honest with your customers, thenthey take the lesson with them too. You breed an environment of honesty, initialfrom the man on top, all the way down to the last worker.  Why Companies Lie to UsTo “protect the customer”Whenyou ask adults why they lie to children, the most mutual answer they give is toguard them. Accurate, kids do requisite protecting.

Corporations are guilty of this, too. The obviousanswer would be no. But what if there are good intentions behind it? That’s upfor you (and your customer) to decide Take Apple employees who lie tocustomers about things like why they shouldn’t unlock their iPhones.Obviously Apple wants phones protected to its own carriers, but connectionstake it too far by claiming it’s for the customer’s own good. Is a small lie acceptable in the nameof profit? To elevate their brandsIt’s unlucky that people critic based on appearance,but first impressions are of paramount position.

Simply wearing the right typeof clothes or decorations don’t just attract compliments, it helps you build relationshipwith strangersTo mask their shortcomingsWhen businesses try to concealment up ashortcoming or fault, they have to remember that dishonesty can (and likelywill) be picked up by the customer. It doesn’t matter even if they’re trying tofix the situation. We’re all human, we’re susceptible and make faults, so itshouldn’t be treated as the end of the world. We already validated that it’s human nature to hide (or lieabout) our weaknesses to protect face. Kind of like support staff saying “I’mthe manager” when a customer demands to speak to one. That’s a lie.

Everyonehas a manager – even the CEO of the company.  Ways To Build Customer TrustBuilding trust takes a while and a lot of hard work. But iscompletely doable if you and your squad work on three of your most importantcore competencies: service, steadiness and transparency. In order to createhonesty on your customers you must be good at what you do, of course, buthaving a truly effective business is based on one simple idea: trust. Withtrust, you’ll have clients (or clients) for life. Without faith, you may aswell pack up and go home. Great Service MattersAccordingto a ConcertoMarketing Group and Research Now survey, when customers trust a brand, 83percent will recommend a trusted company to others and 82 percent will continue to use that brand frequently.

While hardlyanyone talks about the time you went above and beyond for a customer, you’llcertainly hear from the disgruntled ones if you failed to make a deadline ordelivered a product that didn’t do what you promised.1Earning acustomer’s trust starts with giving great service. How would you want to betreated if you were a customer? The reality is that service should comenaturally, instead of being strategically planned. The more you plan for greatservice, the less time you’ll spend delivering it.Sure,there will be times when you’ve tried your best and can’t seem to make anyheadway with a particular problem. But you want to strive for responsiveness,timeliness and exceeded expectations.Consistency Breeds Harmony4 Consistency drives hand in hand with provided that prodigiousservice. Internal prospects lead to external consequences.

From a business viewpoint,consistency applies to every aspect of what you do:·        Your staffs should deliver equalstages of service.·        You should halt the coursewith your products and services, rather than continually shifting gears to trynew tactics or initiatives.·        Equipped with the tools itneeds, your sales team should answer questions the same way.·        Create meaningfulmeasurement to determine whether something is working. If it isn’t viable, youshould have a plan in place to make changes.Consistency also puts your money where your mouth is within yourorganization. From a leadership perspective, consistent performance showsemployees what you expectfrom them. For example, if you miss a meeting without a good reason, don’t besurprised if they do the same.

Transparency Is ClearTransparencyis another capability that should come logically. Yet so many businesses have distresscoming to terms with what it really means. 5Don’t tryto hide or cover up your errors. Address the issue directly, explain how youwill handle it and share what steps are being taken to prevent the errors fromoccurring in the future. To implement transparency effectively, lead byexample. Your employees will also admire you more for your honesty.Customersand consumers are smart. They know when you’re being up front or when they are tolda mistruth.

If honesty is thebest policy, they’ll appreciate and admire you more when you admit to a mistake,rather than playing games or even worse, avoiding the topic altogether

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