IntroGraphene, a lot of people assume due

IntroGraphene, It is a newer non manmad atom that consists of many different variables that make it up and with theses variables come in an phenomenal structure and with this structure comes with a lot of  strength and graphene has a very strong compound but when separated it becomes even stronger that is why is has such great strength for such a small object. Graphene is also is a very brittle atom its not malleable which is what a lot of people assume due to people knowledge of it and they think that it is malleable because it is strong but a lot of brittle things can be strong too.First ParagraphThe electronic structure of graphene consist of many different variables due to its advanced structure but Graphene is basically(In Simple Language) a single layer of graphite a mineral which is made up of very tightly bonded carbon atoms that are  organised into a hexagonal lattice. What makes graphene so special is it’s very thin atomic thickness 0.345Nm. These properties are what make graphene able to break so many of the records in strength, electricity and heat conduction and conduction in general. The Lattice in graphene is what makes it so strong and its hexagonal form has a lot to do with that and due the structure of a hexagon shape it was naturally strong but the reason why a lot of people find it so cool is because that it is not man made yet it is still quite strong and naturally its is very strong but it could be improved in some ways like making it less brittle.Second ParagraphGraphene was originally believed to be two dimensional compounds that could not exist due to thermal instability when separated. Once graphene is isolated, it is clear that it was actually possible for it would remain in same form and it took scientists some time to find out exactly how this occurred. Scientists believed that they found the reason to be due to slight rippling in the graphene which was modifying the structure as it went. later research suggests that it is actually due to the fact that the carbon to carbon bonds in graphene which are so small and strong that they prevent thermal fluctuations unstabilizing it. With its conduction rate it can be extremely conductive in situation of conductive you could almost say a lightning rod even though it would not be the most conductive thing it would still be extremely conductive in those sort of situations.Third ParagraphThe impact of graphene would be phenomenal due to its strong structure and its lightweight. Graphene is also good because in 2016 graphene was shown to serve as a neural-interface electrode without altering or damaging properties such as signal strength scar tissue. Graphene electrodes in the body stay significantly more stable than electrodes of silicon for instance because of properties such as flexibility bio-compatibility. Graphene in time good also be used in cars and protective vest because of its strength such as a kevlar vest or a ceramic based one it would be no match if graphene was tightly layered over each other a graphene vest .This is due that the structure of graphene and when it is layered over each other it could be used in Military vehicles or bullet proof vests. I say layered because graphene might be strong but it very brittle but if it is layered together it has been proven that it can be incredibly stronger.Fourth ParagraphGraphene is not necessarily a very cheap atom I say necessary because the price could go way down on it and if it would was mass produced it could be produced in many different way and in many different products if you wanted it to which would produce the production of it even more. Graphene is vary brittle which means that it needs care of ,it is not to be throw around for instance a cirami plate is very strong but if you were to drop it it would shatter and if you you would try to put a knife through it you would not have a problem graphene is similar in that way but when built into things it could be improved. ConclusionIn conclusion in this subject of graphene we have found multiple things that can and will be changed for the better like cell regeneration like scar tissue and how if medically studied many more things can be found and when they are it will change the medical industry forever. In this essay i have given you the unit of self protection and how if was layered it would be way stronger than just a single piece due to its hexagonal structure and how the hexagonal and with time it can save lives. And if graphene was used in everyday products it would be incredible in saving live like in a car crash and how its strength can keep people safe.

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