involved it, they attended anyway. The terms

involved in the war;
through the British blockade, Germany eventually became cut-off from American
trade. Still, this did not hinder American profits. Between August 1914 and
March 1917, $2.2 billion of arms were received from Britain and its allies. By
remaining neutral during the war, the U.S. gained a considerable amount of
income. With mounting debts in Europe, the nation was becoming a world power
through trade while directly helping the British side. This helped launch the
United States status as the leading global power. Ironically, by remaining
neutral the U.S. found itself becoming part of the European conflict. In May
1915, a German U-Boat sank a British ocean liner carrying American travelers. A
total of 128 American lives were lost. Obviously infuriated by the incident
there was a public outcry. President Wilson sent a letter to Germany warning
that the loss of American lives was not tolerated. With a growing concern in
the war, President Wilson began to voice American diplomacy. In 1916, Wilson
attempted to settle peace negotiations between the warring countries and called
for a peace conference. Although no one really believed that anything would
come of it, they attended anyway. The terms favored the allied side; although
the terms were not dismissed right away, the warring nations never intended to
agree upon the conditions. In 1917, the Russian Revolution occurred and the
rise of a communist party took place. This only heightened the need for direct
U.S. involvement. Although Wilson had told Germany to stop making submarines,
they continued to do so. That same year, Germany unleashed an unrestricted
U-Boat campaign. America was aware of the growing influence of Germany in
Mexico. Their awareness was realized when the United States intercepted the
Zimmerman telegram in which the German foreign secretary offered an alliance
between Germany and Mexico. The telegram also mentioned that Mexico might
possibly receive some of the lands it had lost to the U.S. during the Mexican
War in 1848. The U.S. could wait no longer. On April 2, 1917, the United States
entered the war.  Despite some effective war efforts, German forces fell
in 1918. Soon after, the 

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