Is Google making us stupid?

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Last updated: May 8, 2019

Actions, when repeating constantly, turns into habits in the brain that will done without noticing. For example, when a person drives a car for the first time, the person will face difficulties; but when that person drives frequently, driving becomes an easy action because it turns into habits in the unconsciousness brain. However, when we stop doing those actions, it becomes hard to do, and this is what happens to our brain when we switch from reading books to clicking web pages in order to get information. Deep thinking and concentration become hard abilities for people.Using Google too often could cause internet addiction which will escalate into serious problems. Humans seek for easy ways to avoid fatigue, sorrow, and sadness.

Drinking alcohol is one of the approaches to avoid life issues. However, when drinking alcohol too much, the brain changes in such a way that one can’t live without drinking which is a medical disease called alcoholism. Likewise, surfing the internet and skimming through web pages are simple approaches to get information. People tend to use Google for communication, answering questions, translating, playing tc.What people don’t realize when using the internet is that they become addicted to easy ways to get information. The brain is affected with Jumping from one page to another.

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In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid? “, Carr declared that the internet change the way people think (Carr 500). He also wrote that the internet reduces a person’s ability of concentration and deep thinking (501). Spending little time to gain information reduces the ability of concentration and focus, which is causing deep thinking to become harder.Using Google reduces the ability to memorize facts. According to Columbia University’s Department of Psychology study into the effects of the internet search engines, people who rely on the internet to get information are less likely to remember information. “Easy come, easy go’ is true mostly in all acquired things.

I remember my calculus teacher saying “l think Google is making us stupid. ” She told a story that she received a high score two decades ago on the GRE because there was less use of the internet. She was reading a lot of books for fun.While she was reading, she marked the difficult words and put them in a notebook to write the definition and memorize it, because it was hard to look for it in a dictionary. But, nowadays people Just look for a definition on Google and go on without memorizing it. They assume that if they ever need the definition again, they could just “google it” again. In general, many people use the internet (Google) at least two hours a day.

Nowadays, the internet makes it possible to get information as fast as clicking the pages. People have information at their fingertips.When having what you want very easily, the brain becomes less active which cause students to become less willing to study, less willing to do homework, and less willing to memorize. “l cannot concentrate on doing my homework.

My mind keeps track my to surfing the internet! ” My husband, grabbing his headphone to watch some video on YouTube, instead of doing his homework. Students spend a huge amount of time using laptops working on homework which opens many attentions to surf the internet, social networks, and get sidetracked.The internet often used as a time waster instead of using it as a tool to gain knowledge. Multitasking is the ability to perform more than one task. Some do multitask at a time? The human brain cannot concentrate on multiple tasks at a time. Dave Crenshaw who is methodology consultant wrote, “If you think about multitasking, you might think about the practices of standardized work.

In a factory, standardized work assumes a person can only do one thing at a time. At most, you might reach for a part with your left hand while simultaneously reaching for a tool ith your right.But, this is a relatively simple task that, in a repetitive manufacturing environment, can be done without thinking and through a lot of muscle memory’ (Crenshaw 128). When it comes to real work tasks like reading a paper and listening to a lecture, the two tasks cannot be done at the same time. Multitasking is just a motto to attract more people to an addiction of using the Internet.

The internet is a very useful tool to reach information. But at the same time it can become devastating to the human brain.Using the internet too often reduce a person’s ability to deep thinking. Less people are now able to deeply think about what they’re reading. Also, the internet decrease peoples’ ability to remember information. Sitting in front of computers for a long amount of time can distract the student study and do homework. Works Cited Carr, Nicholas. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?.

” Perspectives on Argument. Ed. Nancy V. wood. Boston: Pearson, 2012. 500-502. print. Crenshaw, Dave.

“The Myth of Multitasking: How “Doing It All” Gets Nothing Done”. Jossey sass. 2008. c.

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