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Issues and Dilemmas of Contemporary Public AdministrationPubic interest is the welfare or well-being of the public.

Protecting the public by ensuring that members maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and competence. It takes place in legal services and law reform organizations, private, public interest, and law firms performing probono. The whole society has a stake, and which warrants recognition, promotion, and protection by the government and its agencies. Anything affecting the rights, health, or finances of the public at large.

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Is a common concern among citizens in the management and affairs of local, state, and national government?Body politicsand public wellness. Public Administration: planning, organizing, staff directing coordinating reporting, or city manager. The duties will vary such as:public health administer,budgeting, county/parish health administrator will be geared toward healthcare. Thenwith a setof tasks set by law or by backs issued and legally impowered to perform their functions.Graduatesin P.A. may go on to future professional and vocational training in areas such as teaching, laws, housing management, health and social service, advocacy and voluntary work.

Further study will makepossible to go intoareas such as marketing analyst, public relations manager, or regional planner. They could be anexecutortoaffairs of someone who has diedorwho has no known or available relatives to serve as executors. May also oversee the affairs over a living person with no relatives. Public Administration has gained immense importance since the emergence of Administrative state. Ancient Greece,Rome, and Indian political system gave more importance to the concept of administration. Getting things done with the accomplishment of defined objectives deals with execution. Neo-liberal time is lessnow, and the private sector is growing in environmental and technological issues.

More organizational effort is needed, a close relation to peopleas well as with agood relationship between people and administrative agencies. This influences day to day life of the common peoplealso their social, political,and economic development. Changing political and economic context here made it difficult to determine what constitutes principals, foundations, quality, and effectiveness, handle funds, andfinancial responsibilities. Right person, the right extent,the right way is not easy. Cybersecurity for example is very difficult to overcomethese daysand is considered a big challenge to nationalsecurity. Also,we find sometimes that someone musthelp to govern some other small countries as wellsuch as Libya. The public sector has grown from a direct service provider to an indirect provider of services because the search for financial salvation is sweeping the country as local governments now have strangled budgets by the recession and are forcing layoffs as well as disbanding departments. Being so close to bankruptcy, cities are now trying to find effective ways to make do with less.

Outsourcing is now being preferred. As private business can do the jobs faster and cheaper is the plan. It has been around since the 1980’s because of desperation and in knowing saving money makes sense.

The private business has more competition which drives down prices. The problem with outsourcing is about the risk associated. Like with technology, it’ssuch acritical role in storage and delivery of vital data such as car registrations, unemployment and medical care. If the data bases go down services grind to a slow pace or full-fledged halt. In 1984 A.S.P.

A. high standards by public servants began. They weremade to promote ethics and integrity for their employees: 1. Advance public interest –promote best interest of the people. 2. Uphold the Constitution and Laws-Respect and support government and law contributions. 3.

Promote democratic participation -to inform the people


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